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Such a good opportunity to explain you all why I have chosen «Moving Cause» title for this journal! I am a software and informatics engineer, who has learned a lot about truly innovative and complex technologies. However, I have adopted a simple, yet challenging, cause: take advantage of the benefits of existing (and incoming!) Technology, as a support for the promotion of good, and still very localized and isolated, valuable social entrepreneurship, especially made by women. On a daily basis I am connected to the internet, and I take part in many newsletters, mailing lists and feeds, on diversified subjects, such as Non-Profits, micro-credit, philanthropy and women in technology. Through one of those emerging Web 2.0 groups, I met Ana, who shares the same vision of a more connected world. She is a beautiful lady, old enough to be my mother!, Portuguese, like me, and she is doing her PhD in the University of Austin Texas. When I sent a message in that mailing list, claiming that I would be delighted to meet other women in technology willing to move IT causes in far off places, Ana replied, and together, since then, we have started growing ideas, and then specific plans to make that dream come true. We have recently launched a non profit, Moving Cause, and we have involved seven other women of vision, world spread, with many different backgrounds and who have already lived (or are living) in other places of the world, besides the country where they come from. Per example, Maria is an artist who has been in Slovenia and India; Ana Luisa is a doctor who has lived in Sudan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia and is now in Zimbabwe; Marisa is an economist, specialized in social development, and who is living in East Timor, Joana is a microbiologist, ecology activist, who has been in Peru; etc. Though most of us are physically away from each other, we have been feeding a strong relationship between us, through the Web. We have been awarded by an HP Magic Giveaway campaign, and we now have six computers, a printer and lots of software and other materials to implement a ICT Mini Cluster for women in East Timor. We have also managed to bring a beautiful social business created by women from the very isolated island of Atauro, in Timor. They make dolls as a way of living! Isn’t this delicious? That way they manage to find some income to send their kids to school and buy basic needs. We are trying to go there this year and train youngsters on using Web 2.0 so that can promote their stories through the web, and also, why not selling the dolls through e-Bay? From my point of view, this proves that Web 2.0 is a strong tool for women empowerment and shows how and why I am using it to move good causes... You too should take advantage of it!

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Wow, thank you so much for sharing this very personal and inspirational example of what Web 2.0 and other technologies can accomplish. I truly believe it is all about sharing experiences, successes, and failures, and moving these into our own corners of the world. What you and these other women are doing is incredible, and you are connecting not only to each other, but to women who might otherwise NEVER experience life outside of their own communities. Your knowledge of technology is being used on such a personal level, and I think you are achieving the kind of thing that can be a wonderful example to others. The biggest worry many people have about expanding technology is that it will make our world too IMpersonal, but you are proving just the opposite: With creativity, vision, and commitment, we can MOVE these cause outside of their points of origin. I can't wait to see where you go with this!!!!

Don't let your worries get the best of you. Remember, even Moses started out as a basket case.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and encouraging words, Molliv! :) That's exactly our spirit! Regarding the IMpersonal possibility, I can say that is one of the reasons why I have chosen a group of people with such different backgrounds to build the core of «Moving Cause» - while some are a bit geeky like me (in a good way, of course!), others are very connected to the Earth or to culture and arts... We believe we will keep doing good things! To see where we go with this, stay tuned at (to be launched soon)... All the best*