Justice for Sri Lankan Women

Posted March 7, 2018 from United States

March 8, 2018

International  women’s day.

Happy women’s Day

I want to call support for women all over the world. Especially the Tamil women living in Sri Lanka. I am currently living in the U.S., but I was born in Sri Lanka. The people there are suffering greatly. How can we alleviate this situation?  In 2009, many Tamils were killed by the Sri Lankan government, but no one tried to save these people. No humanitarian organizations, including U.N. did anything to save these people. Because of this, thousands of Tamil youth had been killed along within family members close to 40,000 widows are the result of the atrocities caused by the Sri Lankan government. Many of these women are still looking for their missing family members and the tried to ask their government. In 2009, many of these women handed over their family members to the Sri Lankan soldiers, but whatever happened to these people? There are still no answers and these women are still looking for their family members. Because of this, rates of suicide, drug abuse, and depression are high. Why can’t someone help these people and bring the atrocities committed by the Sri Lankan government to justice? These people still do not have peace for crime and rapes are such commonplace there. Even still, February 2018, Sinhala soldiers are still occupying Sri Lankan Tamil land, resulting in a continuation of the genocide there. The soldiers continue to harass Tamil women, especially in the coastal village of Thaalakuda,( Place)which is situated 14 km south of Batticola city. The SL military is further expanding its presence by extending its military base at Thaalakuda( Place) with an additional 6 acres of public lands. In the meantime, the SL military intelligence is setting up several huts with the expanded area of the camp, as observed by residents. The residents fear that their property, particularly the sealing of their roofs is being removed by SLA soldiers, whom roam around the village during the nights. When the Sri Lankan government leaves these people alone, then maybe they can experience peace in their own homeland. When these people find their family members and when the Sri Lankan soldiers leave their land, then they will be happy.







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Tamarack Verrall
Mar 07
Mar 07

Dear Sarva,

Thank you for writing about the ongoing violent injustice in Sri Lanka. I was unaware of these details and hopefully by your sending out this news more of us will repeat the information and press the global community and world countries to shine enough of a spotlight to help push for peace. The photo shows painfully clearly what the Tamil women are living through.

In sisterhood,

Lucy Rowland
Mar 08
Mar 08

Dear Sarva, like Tam , I too was unaware of these atrocities and ongoing violence. I pray for healing in your country and for the injustice to be made just . May your words help shine a light on this tragic situation.
In sisterhood

Hello, Sarva,

This is also my first time to learn about cases such as you mentioned in Sri Lanka. May your voice be heard for each day without action are a possibility of a life lost.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Mar 08
Mar 08

Hi Sarva. Thanks for sharing your story. Are there any efforts being done to alleviate the situation there? Any FB communities bringing awareness to it, Change.org petitions, NGOs providing relief, etc?

Mar 08
Mar 08

Thank you for your kind. Do anything for us.Happy women's
day to all