Dearest Marcie – I too am equally excited to begin this journey with you and my 29 sisters. As the only girl in a mix of four brothers, I have come to appreciate opportunities to connect with other sisters from different parents but the same Creator. I would like for us to grow beyond this training experience as a seedling under your watchful care. Thank you for your commitment to being my personal cheerleader. I am grateful for your time to sow in my vision of working with African women and girls in the U.S. and Africa.

This is still soo surreal and every day when I get a message my pulse rises with exhilaration!!! It is a real honor to have been selected to be a correspondent. Such a mighty charge…I look forward to your guidance on all the assignments as a VOF correspondent, as well as my work on the “Threads of our Fabric” Project.

But most importantly, I eagerly await the relationship that will be kindled between us as we unite on ideas and passions.

Big hugz!!!


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I am so glad... I that you are here. I too come from a family of brothers. I am so excited that I have got 29 sisters.. Me too, still thinking I am in an illusion, imagnining my self being selected. It is becoming more real now that I am getting emails regarding this dream like event... It's a bit like "Harry Potter" going to Hogwarts"...

Talk to you soon sis...

Cheers, Amei

Funny about the Harry Potter :-) I just saw a preview of the new movie. I like the 2 weeks of socializing and getting to know each other before the amazing journey begins.


Blog: Threads of Our Fabric Project

I am not the only one to think it is in a dream... We are here adding our voice, sharing and encouraging. I hope you will let us get involve in “Threads of our Fabric”

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

Of course Harmony...I am an instrument in the vision, but the reality will be shared by all of us. Thanks!

Blog: Threads of Our Fabric Project

Hello SAsong,I`m proud and happy to have you as a sister.With your brilliance th darkness of the world is threatened.Cameroon,Africa and the world is blest. You are loved!

I receive your love and I send you mine as well. I'm glad we are walking this journey together. In exactly one week, we begin THE EXPERIENCE!!! Hugz

Blog: Threads of Our Fabric Project