About Me: Saving Loans Association is a local organization in Zambia, that provides small micro loans ($50-$200) to women who are economically challenged by the surge of HIV/AIDS and chronic poverty in Zambia. These micro loans help to rebuild livelihoods amoung women and their families

My Passions: To help women rebuild economic livelihoods

My Challenges: Breaking the barrier of cultural issues

My Vision for the Future: A society in Zambia, where women have dignity and economic power to sustain their lives

My Areas of Expertise: Women counselling, Home Based Care for HIV/AIDS, micro loans

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Monday, June 29, 2009 African Millennium Foundaton at work in Zambia-July 2009

African Millennium Foundation (AMF) http://1amf.org/index.php a US based charity in Los Angeles California is making huge strides in the lives of many families in Africa. One such family is headed by Quieen Kituta, a single widowed mother of 6 children and 3 grandchildren. In July of 2009, Lacey Uhlemeyer, program Manager for AMF and her family (shown in picture on the right) visited Savings Loans Association en route to other countries for her monitoring and site visits to come and witness first hand how small but innovative loans they provide has an impact on many families. With the small loan Ms Kituta received from her "group loan" at Savings Loans Association, she has been able to continue with her effort to raise chickens and to grow mushrooms to support her family. "Without these loans, my life would have been an uphill battle-Putting food on the table and sending my children and grandchildren to school would have been practically impossible-The loans are small: only $100 or $200 and I know that I will be able to repay back-The repayment period is equally very nice and acceptable compared to the mainstream banks and other lending institutions who may not even give you because of our poor background and no husband to support us-God is Great for groups like Savings Loans Association and Africa Millennium Foundation". Ms Kituta received a loan of $100 that she will have to pay back to her group within the agreed time frame so that others can also be supported.

African Millennium Foundation in line with the Millennium Development goals is helping organizations like SLA to address issues of poverty-One of the key solutions to poverty is a source of INCOME!

SLA with the help of organizations like AMF intends to scale up its work helping many families like Ms Kituta-But to do this "SLA requires a consitent flow of partners who can not only give us money to help communities but also help us to manage our resources and reach those who are far away in poverty stricken compounds.This should also include other development interventions such as health care, education for our children and access to clean and safe drinking water.AMF is such a good example of partners-Special thank you also goes to Malena Ruth, the Executive Director for AMF for allowing such a wonderful person like Lucey to come and visit our program" says Mary Kombe, Chairperson of SLA.