Friday, June 19, 2009

Dambisa Moyo AND DEAD AID On behalf of everyone at Savings Loan Association, a local grassroot micro enterprise organization- we would like to support some of the views our native Zambian Economist and writer Dambisa Moyo has written in her thrilling book: DEAD AID.

Savings Loans Association indeed is a testimony on some of the prescriptions that Ms. Moyo preaches in her book as a solution out of poverty. At SLA, we have seen and proved that small but effective loans make a difference in the lives of the poor. Our support from passionate organizations that strongly advocate for micro loans like Color-Me-in Inc (USA) and African Millennium Foundation (USA); our own local Catholic Church at Chindwin -St Charles Lwanga Parish-clearly has seen what we can do to help poor and marginalized families tackle poverty from small loans as opposed to annual grants that come through extensive and complecated proposal writing-As a small but innovative women led organization, we believe and trust that small micro enterprise initiatives make a difference as alluded by Ms. Moyo (although at a national level she talks about macro financing). Our women groups have been able to rise above the mark by raising income from their small innovative activities such as selling well chickens or bread to well researched markets. From a monthly income of 500,000 zambian kwachas, some members are now making 800,000 (120 USD) zambian kwachas-an increase of about 300,000.This money can make a difference to send children to school,buy medicines for sick or let alone put food on the table. This approach is more effective becuase when you borrow money (small amounts) from group members, you have an obligation and commitment to pay back and be accountable to your group-Similar grounds on what Ms Moyou talks about-If Governements receive money from taxes/people, they intern will be accountable to the people they serve.

Thank you Ms Moyo for highlighting our work in your thrilling book(principle and initiatives of micro finance)-We hope that more community based initiatives will pick a leaf from your suggestions as a strategy to reduce poverty in Africa-Even though our impact at national level is very small-our support to community members as small as 20 families makes a huge difference in their lives than wondering what and where the next meal will come from. As an advocate for such an initiative, we also kindly ask you to donate even $100 to help some of our women groups as a sign of commitment to your proposal.


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