My Areas of Expertise: consulting and training on engaging men in violence prevention, gender equality and positive masculinity

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Welcome to PulseWire! I am so happy that you are part of a community that cherishes your voice and encourages your vision for a better tomorrow. Your knowledge and ideas about gender based violence will be inspiring others through your writing and service to this community. The role of gender equality is vibrant and bold with World Pulse, where we encourage you to teach as well as learn. Furthermore, we invite you to the group Ending Gender Based Violence and also I encourage you to get involved with our Man Up Campaign.

With friendship, Carri Pence

Dear Steven,

Welcome to PulseWire. We are thrilled to have you here in our community of grassroots women leaders and supporters of women's initiatives from over 150 countries - all raising our voices and collaborating for change.

I was so impressed by your website and would love to hear more about your work, trainings and best practices, as well as your vision for the future and the best ways to move forward in ending gender based violence.

I hope that you will join us in the Ending Gender Based Violence group:

And participate in our Action Blogging Campaign:

Based on your work, experience and passion - your voice is valuable to this campaign and I encourage you to share!

In friendship, Jade

Online Community Manager World Pulse