This is old news for this community I am sure, but it is a book I have read, reread, and purchased several times to give away, loan, and re-loan. One of the most inspiring books I've read. A MUST!!!

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It's true! This book is amazing. Did you know that they have just released 2 new versions—one for children and one for young readers. It's very exciting that the book is now accessible to younger minds as well!

You may be interested to know that our next e-edition is focused on Pakistan. It is due out in the next couple of weeks! If you aren't signed up to receive the emagazine in your inbox yet I encourage you to do so at

Hi Corine - I did NOT know I will have to hit up my local bookseller to get me one of those - that's fantastic. A big part of being exposed to all these inspiring people and ideas is trying to find a way to pass it on to the younger generation in language that is accessible to them. Presenting it in a form they can relate to. Thanks for the info!! Suzanne

I've heard a lot about it! I would love to read it. I always try to focus on a country and read a few books on it, I read 2 books on Iran. Now I can start with Pakistan, I just purchased one of Benazzir Bhutto's books!

This is so wonderful that I found this post in the group! I am currently reading Three Cups of Tea by recommendation from a good friend of mine in the Peace Corps. I am very much enjoying it! What do you feel is the best part? So far I am where Mortenson just got to Khorphe and it is winter and they want to build a bridge before building the school... I will post more thoughts and would love to hear yours.

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