Introducing myself and my journal

Posted February 26, 2009

About Me: Shaheen Sultan Dhanji is a Visual artist, photo-journalist, musician, writer and a socio-political activist. Her art focuses on vital themes of courtesans and feudal roles, war, genocide, women's / human rights issues, social development, cultural and heritage preservation. She has held successful solo and group exhibitions in North America. Shaheen has been affiliated with various global development projects and continues to dialogue with global leaders in implementing positive social and economic changes where necessary. Her areas of concern include the harsh realities of war and violence, urbanisation and environment. Parallel to this, Shaheen is constantly immersed in social-political issues of human development in society. Her art has strong messages of atrocities...Although, she does not create art for public messages, but rather to open communication.

My Passions: Art, Photography, Reading, Theatre arts, World cinema, Music, History, Socio-political issues, Philosophy, Theology, Archeology, Architecture, cultural and heritage conservation / Global poverty / International development / Women's issues/ human rights a

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