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About Me

I am a world pulse member since 2013. I started as a voice of our future community corrospondant for Iraq, and today I am ready for more world pulse fun!

I am originally Iraqi, I moved and was relocating frequently over the last 10 years. My last stop was in the U.S. about two years ago. I hope its a long term move!

The reason why I joined world pulse community is simply because I believe women deserve to be involved in every field and can prove competency. I also believe that opportunities are out there for us, we just need to learn to seize them. I have faced multiple challenges proving my capabilities in certain areas, and I believe I can assist women by sharing my personal expeinces. I am an IT major, and I recently earned my MBA, which has been a struggle to acheive after relocating, however, I realized how empowering it can be part of a world, too many people thought to be male dominant.

My Vision

Live to thrive and make people's lives better in everything I do