My name is Naz. I am a 24 spring old, recently graduated from law school and I have a great journey ahead of me. My family isn’t traditional, not too strict, or closed-minded. They trusted and supported me to get the education I wanted, the job I desired, and even encouraged me when I chose to learn a new language.

Earlier this month my family lost me. They’re used to me being home by 6:00 pm, but that day I was late. I left my father and brother worried. My brother called my phone but I never picked up. They started to call my friends at work and they were informed I left work around 12:00 pm. It scared my father, knowing he may lose his daughter forever.

Like any protective parent, my father desperately searched hospitals, asked people I know, and even reported to local police offices. The day passed and my family heard nothing. They didn’t lose hope. Like any family, they wanted their daughter back, but I was not!

I was found in my car in a residential complex that most of its residents are thought to be rich, educated or highly ranked in the government. The complex has multiple entrances, all of which have security guards, but guess what? I was still found there with my body laid aside, with the smoke coming out of my car. My father was not allowed to touch anything, he did not see me burned or shot, but he saw some parts of the seat burned, yet he was told I was dead.

The investigations took place and police statements were all over the news. In a short period of time, it was announced that I committed suicide.  Yes, my father found me. He was left in so much pain and sorrow. Nothing can heal the grief, nothing can put me back to life. My soul is angry, my heart is still with my family.

When investigations do not take a fair route, none sense takes place. The family was angry and wanted to know who did this to their daughter and all of a sudden, they go quiet!

Yes, this is a story of a young woman I decided to share, not because she is a woman, but because she is a human being. She is a sister of somebody, a daughter and could have been a mother! She was lost and then found dead. She lives in Kurdistan region, Iraq.

During my research I found out that this woman lived a normal life. I wouldn’t say she lived a perfect life, but sources have informed me that she bought a birthday present to her friend one day before the incident. Life was going normal for her. This takes the assumption of her being threatened by someone down to zero, at least for me. She went to a private school and she looked happy in her graduation pictures, which makes me assume her family wasn’t a typical traditional family that would do this to their daughter. Let me think what other possibilities are out there! ISIS? A group of Islamic extremists decides to drag a young woman and kill her inside her car and not taking responsibility for it? Since when? They always do terror in public, why would it be all hidden now? Why wouldn’t the police say something about it? Well wait! May be it is easier to say she committed suicide when someone can’t explain what happened? This is savage and inhuman. It is NOT only those that commit a crime are considered criminals, it is also those who remain silent.  

I am angry, I am hurt. I started this story in her voice because if you are out there reading this, think about this: what if it was me? What if it was my daughter, my neighbor or sister? It takes human to realize that not only when it about me it matters! Today it is not about you, but life always brings something to your plate you may not like. If you are silent now about someone else’s daughter today, someone will be silent about you tomorrow.

I am not sharing this to sound dramatic! I am not a feminist, pessimist, or lousy mouth. This story is being shared to call for action. Today, I seek the international support. To my brothers and sisters out there, we do not need military support to fight on the boarders, we already have brave lions sacrificing their lives on top of the mountains or down the hills fighting terrorism. There is a more dangerous war that is taking our lives from the inside. It is the violence that we cannot relate to any side in today’s terrorism.

Naz is not the only victim of this brutality. Similar incidents are occurring every day and the public sit back and watch. It’s like each waits for their turn to come to sacrifice someone they love. Are you scared? Well I am NOT. Whatever it is they are killing our women for, religion, government, or traditions. They all worth NOTHING to me when it comes to someone’s life.

Naz is dead and she will not come back, but her family are waiting every single day to find justice. They do NOT want to hear about other women being kidnapped, killed, or insulted. I need a petition that is signed by millions of people to claim an international law that brings justice when domestic rules and regulations fail to be fair. I want a chamber that family like Naz’s can turn to when the fellow citizen choose to remain hushed! Whatever it takes, we will make it happen.

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It is the most horrible and inhumane behaviour what we are seeing during these last few years. Innocent people, girls and vulnerable children have been susceptible to such kind of acts. Whtasoever may be the motive of such organizations, surely humanity has never been their word, so leave aside religion and nation.everything comes after that.

Thanks for speaking in the voice of Naz, Shahd,your voice shall reach millions and let them think and act.

Best wishes,


Best wishes,


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Thank you so much for your comment. I agree, it is inhuman. it is unfair, and it is time for action. please share with your network and help us get feedback on how to put an end to this. 

Dear Shahd,

Speaking in the voice of yet another young sister who has been murdered, is a powerful way to get your important message across. You shake open the numbness that we are susceptible to, with so many murders taking place constantly. You introduce us to Naz, so that with her family we can honour her life and grieve her death. Thank you for bringing us to the point: telling story after story alone is not solving the problem. We do need UN recognition and solution to this ongoing tragedy. A petition by millions would press the issue. And yes, we need better recognition and support for families struggling to survive such unfathomable loss. Please consider posting this into the GenderBased Violence Group as well. It has pressed me to remember to think toward solutions. 

In sisterhood,



Thank you so much for your support and comments. It saddened my heart hearing about Naz. she was not the only women who lost her life under vague circumstances. I really need an end to this. The time is not the time to watch people lose their lives or freedom and not being able to say something. There is more to this issue but I dont have access to all the resources or numbers to make a valid argument. But it is clear enough to everyone, even to a 6 year old child, you CANNOT take someone's life,You CANNOT remain quiet if someone else did! I will share my post as you recommened, please share it with you network too. I need people to help me find a solution.