Princess Xanthenes and I

Shaila Sharmin
Posted July 10, 2010 from Bangladesh

This was a lonely evening in autumn. A gentle breeze felt soothing, but the colorless sky of Neeharica gave a miserable look. My golden and round little body lay down in the transparent, glass made beauty box of Princess Xanthenes. From the captive beauty box, I looked at Princess Xanthenes’s sad gloomy face. She was looking uninterruptedly at the magic mirror that was showing a beautiful place of a planet called Earth. “Is this the dreamy world that princess Xanthenes wanted to visit”? I wondered. Looking at the magic mirror, I thought, “How beautiful this creation is, full of light and liveliness. “How wonderful would it feel to be in such a place like this”? I envisioned. “Is princess Xanthenes going to visit this place”? I questioned. The loveliest, one and only daughter of our King Flaming is princess Xanthenes.

Wearing gorgeous “I” in her right ear Princess Xanthenes walked in front of the mirror several times on the following day. Looking proudly at the mirror of her dressing table, she talked to me. “Do you know where I am going now”? I said, shrunken with extreme modesty, “No, but I guess you are going to go somewhere out of this planet very soon.” “How do you know that”? Princess asked, in overwhelming surprise. “I just knew, intuitionally”, I whispered. Princess Xanthenes smiled mysteriously and all of a sudden ran towards King Flaming’s palace, which was very near to her own palace. Princess Xanthenes went to ask her father for permission to visit Earth, which was million light years far away from Neeharica. At the moment Princess mentioned about leaving her own planet and visiting another planet, King Flaming became furiously angry and denied Prncess’s proposal by saying how dare she asked for leaving Neeharica and visiting another planet! Being the one and only Princess of Neeharica, King Flaming could not think a way out if she gets lost and never came back to Neeharica. Princess Xanthenes was so scared that she came back to her palace hurriedly, weeping. I was trying to console her, but she put me off her ear and then kept in her see-through box. From my incarceration, I saw tears dripping from Princess’s pinkish soft cheek, all the night long.

In the morning she was looking at that beautiful earth’s picture again in the mirror. There was a beautiful Blue Ocean in one side and some enormous hills in the other side. Some multi-colored parachutes were overruling the sky. Greeneries, far behind, made the place serene and welcoming. I did not know what happened, but princess ran towards my box, took me and then hid me in her palm. Being captivated there in her palm I did not know what was happening, but I only heard that Princess commanded the magic mirror to take her to Earth, the beautiful green Earth.

We discovered us in the Earth. Earth’s smell was different. Being hidden in the Princess’s palm, I could still understand that how excited she was. We landed on the hill and princess was running here and there in excitement. She was so happy that she started dancing with the gentle breeze, sound of waves crushed upon the beach, twittering of birds, whispering of nature, leaves and the murmuring of the endless sea. This exceedingly beautiful Earth aroused sheer excitement in Princess Xanthenes and she did not know when I fell from her hand and lost in this unknown hill of Earth. I saw Princess Xanthenes running towards the enormous undulating sea. I heard her dancing, singing in the beach, and then Princess Xanthenes did not come back to pick me, most precious and the one and only talking earring of Neeharica. I was lost amongst those green grasses, bushes in absolute loneliness of the beautiful Earth. If you read this story, then please do bother to find me….Please…Please….Please.

Thank You

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  • Carri Pence
    Jul 11, 2010
    Jul 11, 2010

    I am glad that you captured the beauty of what earth is and what it always has been. Through your fairy tale story telling you capture the innocence that is in us all!

  • Shaila Sharmin
    Jul 11, 2010
    Jul 11, 2010

    thanks for your comment...:)