Speaking to women
Speaking to women: During a community mobilization of young women and girls in a market about economic empowerment, a town in Southest, Cameroon.
  • Talking with women, Cameroon.
  • in Egusi farm, Limbe Cameroon
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As a community leader and a social entrepreneur, I have lived to witness women suffer in the farm to cultivate food crops, carry them to the markets to sell and in the end all these yield little or no returns for all the labour invested. Since, some of the food crops will get bad and are discarded, whereas if  there was a processing agency, the food crops won’t have gotten bad and be discarded. My dream therefore is to create a social entrepreneurial Institute and an agro food processing industry where women and girls across various communities shall be trained on sustainable agricultural entrepreneurism. They shall also have the possibility to processing their perishable food crops such as cassava into marketable, healthy organic and eatable products like (flour, garri, water fufu, dried fufu, starch, bobolo and mitumba) and drinks. 

Having been community mobilizer for years, I am to many women in my community a teacher, mentor and coach. My ability to inspire and encourage women to live to their full potential, enabled to start-up the magazine called HOPE4ALL, where I capture and share women’s agricultural best practices. Last year, I also authored a “Gratitude: An act of love and humility” where I share my personal experience and lessons from life. The book can be found at http://www.edilivre.com/gratitude-clemence-l-yanke-ngijoe.html, March 2015. I also have passion in travelling, visiting new communities - this is because, each time I visit a community, I am inspired by the incredible work of the women. Other people who inspire me and who I sometimes ask for advice include my mentor, spouse, parents and my childhood friend. I have no doubt that the knowledge which I shall gain from this training will empower me and build my competence in amplifying the voices and vision of women especially rural farmers who toil every day to ensure a better livelihood for her children and community.