About Me: This is a Shanta GC . I am from Nepal. I like to Join with you.

My Passions: I like to do new things

My Challenges: balance the society

My Vision for the Future: equality in the society

My Areas of Expertise: Gender

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I am from Pyuthan, a midwestern district in Nepal. My place is in a remote village 40km far from the district headquarter. It was a pretty conservative society during my childhood days. I was the only girl in the whole of the village who went to school. At that time, the number of boys who went to school was also very few. There was only one primary school (grade 1-3) in our VDC. After grade 3 we had to walk 4 hours per days to school and back home.

I remember that I started going to school since I was 8 years old,. My parents encouraged me to go to school and to take my brother along with me. However, I didn’t like that. I loved to go alone. My brother was born when I was 4 years old. My mother was not able to care my brothers because she was busy with the house work. So, my childhood was a memorable period of my life. Now, I am here in capital city of the country as a result of my struggle. Now I have got Masters Degree in sociology. Then, I have a keen interest to do research in the society especially in remote villages, where I spent my childhood. Nepal is land locked county and therefore it gets many problems from time to time. The decade-long ‘people’s war’ launched by the then Communist Party of Nepal (CPN(M), virtually impacted each and every corner of the country and has left profound social impact in Nepal whose effects shall be felt for many decades to come. Now Nepal is post conflict transition pried. So I would love to do research on ex-combatant children of Nepal. I would like to particularly focus on women ex-combatants while conducting this research.

I am always ready to help to my dear fren. yes, I read your journal also. You make intro note which you have writtn above -- I am from Pyuthan.....-- my suggestion is you can edit your profile and keep this in your profile Intro other option is you can post it in yor journal . You can submit much more post in you r journal.

will call u hai.

I am seeing and hearing of so much earthquake destruction in your country, Shantagc, and hoping that you are safe and well.