"dismissal of the dauntless‏ "

sharafunnisa mirza
Posted April 12, 2012 from Pakistan
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Her insides trembled as she glared at him with wide eyes, her trademark expression of pellucid curiosity and disbelief as he walked away, waiting anxiously for him to turn around even for just one moment to have a glance at the look upon her face and maybe recognize the person he was leaving behind; knowing that if he was to turn, she would arch her back up right and put her face back on again and let him think that the fact that she was still standing there; had nothing to do with sorrow and heartbreak or any emotion at all for that matter! ... But he didn't, not even for a moment; then that day passed and then many more passed by; the world kept turning the way it normally turns and the masquerading would just not stop. Gradually time took its toll, she began to crumble like a sand castle does on a deserted shore. She did not perish; she leveled with her existence.

Extraction from the novel "dismissal of the dauntless‏"

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