So recently I watched "Shooting Dogs" a movie that is based on the genocide in Rwanda. I cried. Angry tears. It is amazing how humanity can be so terrible. I am pretty sure we are the only species in the world that kill ourselves so violently, so vainly! I haven't felt so much rage in a long time- but I am glad I felt it.

After watching that movie, I started reading Insecure at Last by Eve Ensler (don't you love her? and her vagina?) it is about War and destruction and the GREEDY need of the west to feel secure and thereby making the entire WORLD insecure and thus themselves insecure. She also talks about the insecurity of men within themselves that makes it so that they are not able to show their feelings and emotions becase it might be too "feminine". This turns "tears into bullets" (Ensler's) and men show their saddness, anger, frustration, confusion, etc through war and violence. There is no such thing as "security", for if one person is insecure then we all are (and we all know, more than just one person is insecure in this world).

However, Ensler also gives us HOPE. H-O-P-E. I love that word and that concept. She talks about what many women (and men) are doing to make this world more beautiful and more creative and more loving for others all around. She talks about RAWA, she talks about a shelter Ciudad Juarez, she talks about a shelter in Western Africa where girls can go if they are being threatened with female genital mutilation, she talks about Women's Prisons in the USA, she talks about Mothers against war in the USA. She offers HOPE. It makes me want to move, to shake up the world a little bit, get out there and get going.

Right now I am doing my little peice here on the "rock" (as I lovingly call it). Working with girls to help them better themselves and thus their community. However, I want to keep shaking shaking shaking- to get all the rage out---like a rock tumbler... until something smooth and beautiful and wonderous comes out.

So here is to all the shakers, movers, stereo-type breakers, those that fight for what's right, the warriors for a cause, those that share creativity and love and love and love.

I am with you, I stand beside you- let's get shakin'!

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Hi Sharese,

Thank you for enlightening us with this thoughtful and moving post. I haven't yet seen this film or read this book, but have put them both on my to-do list! And I love your analogy, "I want to keep shaking shaking shaking- to get all the rage out---like a rock tumbler... until something smooth and beautiful and wonderous comes out." Beautiful!

I stand beside you Sharese!

I am also interested to hear about your work with the Peace Corps in Jamaica. What projects are you working on and what needs still to be done in this country? What are the greatest issues that women in Jamaica face?

Also, I encourage you to join the group Books, Music and Film, where you can continue share what you're watching/reading with others.

Love, Jade

Thanks for your comment Jade :)

I am doing program development for a girls' home for "deliquent" girls here in Jamaica. What needs to be done in the country is violence intervention. The entire country is so violent, especially toward women (they call sex "daggering"). There is a strong need for domestic violence shelters as well as a movement to shift the culture away from violence as the main form of masculinity in this culture.

I joined the group, thanks for the link!

I hope you are having a beautiful thursday evening. Keep doing what your are doing- we are world changers, decision makers, and risk takers- and I will keep doing my part.

Much love and peace,



I would love to watch Shooting Dogs, yes, reading about the world makes you lose faith in humanity. I'm working as a research assistant right now. I mainly translate the stories of refugee women from Arabic to English and I've been doing this for a while (working with refugees/battered women/war victims etc..) so it just doesn't get to me anymore. I used to get emotional, but I just don't anymore. I talked to my professor about it and she suggested I talk to the head of the refugee church, she told me when things start getting to you, you break down and it becomes difficult for you to help people. We listen to horrific stories from the women, I had to come up with a coping mechanism. I hope this made sense!

I love Eve Ensler. I want to buy Insecure at last, but I really love A Rant, A Prayer, A Monologue and A Memory! The stories are diverse and every one of them touches you in its own way.

This is one of my favorite monologues in the book


Wow Kizzie!

You are are amazing. I really commend you on your work. I think you would enjoy the the book. I could probably find a way to mail it to you. Feel free to send me a message if you are interested.

Thank you for the link! I can't wait to read the monologue.

Much love and much peace,


Hey there,

Oh you don't have to worry about that, I will find a way to get it here, I will look for it, I'm sure I will find it:)

I think you are gonna like the monlogue, the rest of the monologues are as powerful!

Thanks, I will keep you updated on how the interviews go!:)

hugs, Kizzie

Oh my dear Sharese, the last few days have just been rolling! I finally found this post, and now have yet another book to put on my list. An old friend, and some of her friends, regularly do Eve Ensler monologues at a local gallery, and make the Vagina Monologues an annual event at a local I am excited to check out the book. I love this energy- so much passion!!!! wonderful. thank you sista!!


"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." — John Lennon

It is wonderful that your friend does monologues regularly- that is such a brilliant idea! Why wait until one time per year?

I can't wait to hear your thought on the book!

Much love and peace,