Posted April 12, 2012 from Zambia

The challenge of having no income especially if it affects you and your partner is very dipressing. i have in the past one year lived without a job, not that i was fired for indiscipline but because the project i was employed under phased out.

My pain was to see my children cry and i had nothing to give them. Every mother knows the pain of that! in my native language which is Tonga we say 'Bula bulamyonga" meaning i feel the recurrance of the labour pains if my children are not fine. which is exactly what i felt.

But i should be the first one to confirm with you that there is no stronger force that a womans will and power. through all this time my friends never left me alone...they gave me food for my children...if i couldn't eat, atleast the little ones had food.

My strength through all this came from the thought and knowledge that i wasn't alone. Today to find time to write this is a relief to me. to any woman going though such challenges... I encourage you to hold on to the spirit that makes us women!! this is the only reason the world is still is the faith of the woman!

Someone has promised me a job, if i meet the qualifications. I hope to get it. Regardless of this may every woman feel proud for being one and thank God for the strength he has given us.



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