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About Me

I am a second-generation Fiji Islander. My journey as a women’s rights advocate stems joining YWCA movement through which I learnt about movement building, linking faith and feminism and practical application of media and communications for social, economic and political change. I acknowledge wo’mentors, feminists & peace activists who paved the way in addressing the intersection of gender, media, communications and non-violent action. With a passion for media content development and distribution my work has enabled and empowered community media production in print, digital story-telling, online/social media and television to increase visibility of women and young women’s viewpoints and realities. As a co-founder of FemLINKpacific I have supported the development of a regional women-led media organisation that has localized UNSCR1325 to bring Pacific women’s peace and security priorities to the attention of inter-governmental processes and civil society networks in particular GPPAC.

My Vision

Adapting what Virginia Woolf wrote.. we must as women, write, create, communicate - the whole person and all her experiences


Collaborations to mobilize resources for independent media content development, production


Keen to support and exchange ideas on gender & media development especially using appropriate and accessible media platforms esp radio!


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