Native Women are pushed out and pushed down from Patriarchal Laws from marriage, family laws, cultural passage, and national foreign laws living under the Indian Act.

Sharon Lewis
Posted March 4, 2018 from Canada
Make sure Native Women Matter; Support, Care and Donate!
Help us make this a reality, give native women a voice in Canada for policy changes of the Indian Act that means to destroy Native Women.

We need your funding to get this project off the ground: your support is desperately needed for a Voice on Native Women and Issues being faced today in Canada; reconciliation appears to be advancing non-native agencies and services, please help give native women a voice!

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  • jlanghus
    Mar 05
    Mar 05

    Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for sharing your fundraiser. That's shocking that native American women are murdered way more frequently than others. Have you considered sharing your story and passion for the current story awards, and being a silence breaker? Please do:

  • Sophie Ngassa
    Mar 11
    Mar 11

    Hello Sharon,
    Thanks for sharing your great project.These ladies really need a voice. You may also consider to try a local fund raising.