I am still really busy producing much needed FEMpads to send to young women round the world who have NO access to feminine hygiene products.During my various fundraising activities I have met the most wonderful women from many different backgrounds, faiths, beliefs. It has been my privelege to get to know and learn from women of all kinds and my life has been so enhanced. When I originally organised an Auction of Promises I purposely chose a committee of friends from diverse groups including Muslims (like me), Christians (including Quakers), Pagans and others who hold no particular spiritual beliefs. We worked together fabulously with incredible results and to me this was as important as raising funds.Earlier this year I was invited to attend a local feminist group - something I had never considered. Once again, the support I have received has been overwhelming and I love getting to know other women who are so passionate about their beliefs and making the world a much nicer place for ALL my sisters.

I have just completed attending four sessions at a Friends Meeting House where I was invited to attend their Sunday group. Once again I was so impressed to observe this quiet and respectful group of people who so generously 'invited me' into their circle. The funds raised over four weeks collections were donated to FEMpads and I have been asked to arrange a lunch session to enable the women there to meet Muslim sisters. I feel honoured to have been asked and will soon be getting this sorted.

Last week I was invited to Derby to speak at the Derbyshire Inspirational Women Awards 2015. A wonderful raffle was held and once again all proceeds will be donated to FEMpads.


p>So let ALL us sisters work in harmony to break down barriers between different faiths and backgrounds. Let us overcome previous misunderstandings and fears.

I PROMISE you it will be so rewarded and I certainly look forward to getting to know many more sisters as I further promote 'It's A Girl Thing - FEMpads'!

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I absolutely love the story of how World Pulse is working in you and for the women of the world. i am hoping that the new website will add a tab for "interfaith" or for "spirituality and religion." It is one of the most divisive issues in our world right now, and we need to hear how women handle issues around different customs.

Thank you, Sahron, for being such a wonderful example of, and catalyst for, harmony among humans.


Dear Sharon,

I love your words about women coming together from all different faith backgrounds. When we focus on our commonality and come together for causes, we harness such positive energy and become uplifting forces in the world.

Warm regards,


Lisa Kislingbury Anderson 

World Pulse Volunteer Coordinator