We cannot afford to be silent for him
  • We cannot afford to be silent for him

Yes, African leadership is

Political, Religious, Financial, Spiritual, Traditional the whole damn lot

Watching animal channel you learn a lot about animals. You learn how the lioness goes out and hunts for the pack. The hyenas hunt as a group, birds go to the extent of chewing the food swallowing and then regurgitating the food directly into the digestive system of their young. A bitch (female dog...just in case) will take the life out of you should you in anyway threaten her puppies. No one dare threaten the eagle’s young that just plain suicidal.

We have the exception of animals like the snake they don’t care much about their young and the pig that cares about its young only when food is available. Food runs out that young one is the main meal.

The natural cycle of life is that the parent looks after and tends to the young. Parent goes out and fends for the family. Our continent has parents true but because of disease, war and strife you will find that the parent to child ratio has changed significantly and you find more and more children without parents. These children tend to fend for themselves, whilst living in traditional, communal, religious yes and political communities. Now whose responsibility are they? I am Bantu living in Bantu land and we in this region boast of our Ubuntu (umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu :: I am because you are) now get this, this region boasting of all that has the highest number of orphans due to disease and then we go Central and Western Africa war and strife made those orphans.

To put it politically, spiritually or whatever lly you choose, these children are state property. Because their parents are gone that does not mean no one has the responsibility to look after them. They sure as anything belong to the state when the state wants to tax them and demand of anything from them but surprisingly they have no one listening to them when they need a parent. When it is time for tithes and offerings the church demands that of all its members but does it go out and minister true Christianity which is love thy neighbour?

A dog knows how to tear down a threat to its young; our community knows how to prey on its young we have grown men sexually satisfying themselves at the expense of a poor girls’/boys’ only asset that poverty will never take away from them, their body. The sentences these people get should they be prosecuted at all are all slaps in the face of these children. They do not deter these perpetrators at all. And before the religious zealots out there get all holy on me, there is nothing spiritual or morally wrong with a hungry child watching their siblings stave and the whole world has abandoned them. Walk 10 steps in the shoes of those children before you condemn them to one hell or another. They are just hungry children.

Come rain come shine animals do not rest until their young are fed. Dear leaders what species are you that you ignore the young of your land. Half of you are treating one condition or another borne of your selfishness; you eat too much you are obese and have a heart condition or recovering from your second heart attack. There are children who stand by the road and wave at your motorcade and they are malnourished they have not had a decent meal in days. You have high blood pressure or treating one form on disease or another plainly because your stress levels are ridiculously high and this is because you have stole too much. That child by the way side needs a fraction of your daily overpriced lunch money to survive for the month.

You drive the latest car? Ordering another? Just bought a jet? One child walks a minimum of 7 km to get to the nearest health facility.

I do not begrudge anyone their success but I do think you are all very selfish and plainly put stupid. Morally you have failed the people who need you the most. Being a leader means being a servant. Without those people you call your parish, constituency or community what are you? And shame on you Christian leaders this is something you do not even need to be reminded of as followers of Christ He did show you the epitome of leadership servitude up to the point of serving up His life and how are you living yours?

Political leaders should you be honest enough to take audit of the people who have died well let’s just say of hunger during your tenure in office, how does that reflect on your obese self?

One of the most lucrative business lines in sub Saharan Africa is nongovernmental organisations/ non profit organisations/ charities. Organisations that mainly exist outside the structure of the main government to do the work the government is failing to do. I will break it down further it is having a Dutch/ German/French/ British man come into my household and buy bread for my siblings and I because my father has refused to share with his children the bread he is feasting on.

We as a people are responsible for the many things that are wrong in our communities. Those children are our responsibility. I am sounding like a broken record? Wait till they break into your house because they are hungry does that not bring the problem to your door step? We might not be able to help them all, feed them all, educate them all but what we cannot do we can push the people who can. We can talk about this. We can come up with initiatives no matter how small and task those that can do more to do.

Let us do something anything so that 15 years from now we do not wake up with the worst legacy ever.

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excellent article. it is really unacceptable for leaders who forget that there are children, young people, the population in general expect their contributions to succeed and survive. the mentality of our leader deserves a change.