Respect for my little free time!

Posted May 26, 2010 from Macedonia

Respect for my little free time!

It is a bit hard when you are among noneducated people (women), who only stay at home all day cleaning their houses, and of course at the evening thinking where to go as a guest. I (as a women that works as a journalist) am one of the victims who by coming at home SURPRISE! new and different conversations with the guests who wake up at 10.00 o clock, and through the day have time to lay and finish their home works among a tired woman who wakes at 7.00, and all the day is at work, and waits the evening to finish some works (cleaning, being with the husband or child), but by coming guests, I must stay with them and after that to clean to late evening hours and again to wake at seven the next day for work. The next day I am not concentrated because there is not the enough sleep period. The story to be more tragic, the coming guests are nervous why I not go to them guest as often as they come. Of course it is time to increase the convience for the attainment of the women because if everyone works then everyone will know how I feel. I think that is time for the guest to learn weekend and to respect my little free time.


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