As a peaceful person I am often perplexed at the choice of many towards the combative option, so that competitiveness in business, sports and academia have evaded me as top priorities. It isn’t that I consider competition to be wrong, I just greatly appreciate the pleasantness of (self)improving competition much more than aggressive ‘one upmanship’ that is characteristic of many exploits in human fields.

Among other consequences of this approach to living, the destruction, both physically and emotionally is substantial. In my field as a Human Resource professional, I am constantly managing the effects of emotional trauma caused by aggressive behaviours, considered to be the standard and/or good enough by many. But stepping back and recognizing that such trauma is far from natural, it is noteworthy to also enquire to its usefulness at this crucial time, when we are in much greater need to be constructive and creative rather than destructive…

My vision for life has always been and remains one of peaceful abundance with the opportunity to grow always in front of me. I believe, personally, there is no shortage of what we want or need to fulfill our lives, but our mindsets of scarcity and minimalness, hold us in the place where we see the little, and become disillusioned by the prospects. An open mind tends to shed that burden considerably and we see all the options for our existence – both to give and to receive as well.

As we walk gradually to ‘places of wisdom’ as a species, I hold the hope and the vision of communities and our world opening up to this abundance, and not necessarily as a ‘last ditch’ option. I believe that the awareness of our own limiting beliefs, in connection with a sensitivity to the (unneeded) hardship which pervades our lives, will ‘pull’ us towards more sustainable living and to a recognition that Peace is most definitely an option and one which feeds the creative process and so, consequently, nurtures the solutions potential within us.

My vision is that we will be oriented towards solutions firstly, as opposed to the struggle and the battle - our way of life for so long. And in the longer term we will bring creativity to the forefront in order to achieve long-term betterment for us all.

My experiences worldwide confirm that ‘We’ want to live. We’re not giving up, despite the images of deprivation etc. We want to feel joy and satisfaction and peace within our lives. And that human imperative will override any ideas of continued destruction of our lives and the critical factors for our sustenance.

A key impactor on this movement to new socialization and ‘well being’ behavior is that of motivation and/or inspiration. Where the primary message is that of depression and hopelessness (consciously or not), the result is natural contraction of our emotional state. And the fact is that depression, especially spiritual depression, does not lead to creativity nor does it draw to creative solutions.

On the other hand, ask any creative person and see how passionate emotion drives their process and opens up the vision of what could be, in one’s own (simple) space. It is sufficient to keep a creative going, over the biggest challenges and onto great personal satisfaction.

My conclusion, out of observations over several years, is that the dissemination of hope through demonstration of human example, our capacity and ability for achievement and presentation of examples of the abundance of options available definitely provides inspiration to open the mind, to encourage people to take their step up and make a contribution.

Humans thrive on hope otherwise there seems no reason to go on. And with a dearth of this in our dominant communications, an emerging voice to support humanity’s sustenance and healthy growth should include streams of inspiration and genuine positivity. To this end the World Pulse mission aligns comfortably with my passionate love – story telling - and perhaps more significant, with my vision for life and this world, and holds the potential for a satisfying partnership to serve ‘bringing humanity along’.

Our world can be a warmer, more humane place with inspired effort. I say, let’s expend this joyful effort together.

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Dear Sherrilene,

Your posting is beautifully written and inspiring!

Your passion for storytelling is a unique one. Very few people are able to capture events and stories through verbal recreations, so I believe it is a rare and very special gift. I have met too few storytellers in my life! Through such a gift, you are also capable of educating others, spreading awareness, promoting growth and optimism, and initiating change.

I would love to read more from you, best of luck!


I remarked recently that I've always been a natural story teller and I believe our gifts are given for a (good) reason! Despite achievements in many other areas, nothing gives me more joy than 'putting pieces together' for positive conclusion. I do appreciate your feedback! And hope to see you again very soon.

Do take care.

Richest blessings,


'Yesterday we obeyed kings, and bent our necks before emperors. But today; we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love.' Khalil Gibran

We,women is so simple and only everyone of us wants to have peace in us so as to whole world. Yes, what you are doing will be for real because,we,who join here in Pulse Wire will be united in initiating and pursuing such mission.I am so glad that you've such courage doing your choosen field.

Let's be united always !

Thank you for your support and encouragement. Together we can achieve ANYTHING! God bless You!!

Blessings, Sherrilene

'Yesterday we obeyed kings, and bent our necks before emperors. But today; we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love.' Khalil Gibran