I am Shikrity Pramanik from a remote corner of Bangladesh.Today I will share a real history with my friends. A baby, when she was inside of her mother, she faced a lot of problems.One day, That baby's mother wanted to eat a waterlemon, but because of poverty she was unable to fulfill her wish. During those days, that mother was pregnant, so it is very commom wish of a pregnant mother. When the baby was born in this world, the mother was unable to give enough milk for that baby because that mother did not have money to buy cow's milk.Later on, the baby started to go to school, gradually, she did a brilliant result in school. She got scholarship in fifth and eight grade. Then in 0 level exam, she did the best result in her country. Next, the baby became teenager. She admitted in college and again she did a good result. Now she is studying in Asian university for women which is an international university. She has got the full scholarship. Do you know who is that baby? I am that unlucky baby who has faced a lot of problems in her life, but she has overcome these problems because of her mother who is a favorable and great mother. Now I am a young woman. My mother was very brilliant, but she did not continue her study because of poverty. That's why my mother always try her best to provide me better education. she dreams that I will fly for some countries where women cannot study because of poverty. based on that ideas, I am eager to fulfill my mother's dream who has sacrificed her whole life for me.I think world pulse will help me to fulfill my desire.

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Shikrity, Your and your mother's stories reflect the light of hope and courage that so many women across the world carry within themselves. I am so glad that you have found this amazing community of members who come together to support ideas, offer friendship and brainstorm solutions. Let your voice ring out with the dreams of your mother and let us help you find the space and support to pursue what makes you feel most alive and fulfilled. I look forward to reading more from you about your time at AUW and your dreams. Best wishes, Janice

Janice, Thanks for reading my real history. You know now I am very proud of my mother. She is very inspiring women because in any bad situations she has inspired me to go ahead. She always wants that I will start to do work for poor and uneducated women. The main problem is I am not getting any source to start this. AUW inspires us to help women a lot.The mission of my versity is to make us leader. I am very grateful to the founder of AUW ans his name is Mr. Kamal. He is educationg us to give full scholarship. I think, without the help of him, it was impossible for me to continue my study. Janice, can you give me any suggestions that how can I start to work with other countries' women. Which organization can help me? Shikrity

Shikrity, Your values and wonderful mother have given you a wonderful grounding in what is important in life and I am so happy you are a part of this vibrant community. I applaud your desire to help other women and wonder if you have a particular area of interest.

We have many student members from Asian University and you might want to connect with them to share experiences. From what I have read, it sounds as if you will receive a wonderful education there and no doubt, many of you will go on to become leaders in your communities. You can find your fellow AUW sisters by going to the member directory and entering "AUW" in the search box in the top right-hand corner. This will come up with a list of students from AUW.

You might also want to connect with fellow student Sunita who is fast becoming a leader in her home country Nepal. She recently wrote about her project to increase awareness of sexual and reproductive rights and health in rural Nepal which you can read here. There are so many wonderful and innovative ideas coming out of AUW and I encourage you to gather with your student sisters and look at areas you feel you might be able to contribute.

Also, take a peek at our group directory where you may find a group with similar interests to your own. Or, you may consider starting your own group of Asian University students where you can build a powerful network bringing together PulseWire members.

I would also be happy to make suggestions of organizations you might like to contact after you let me know what areas of development and geographic areas you are most interested in. One place to help you get started is to look at our list of partner organizations who share a vision and mission similar to that of World Pulse.

I hope this helps. Best wishes, Janice