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Running is inspiring,if you let yourself into it.Running heals,your hurt heart.Running keep you in shape.Running especially in a group give you a chance to adventure.The hardest part of all life activities is to start.Running is no exception.I have been running for quite a while now .I would say Iam a running mania.An addict.When friends crave for a Friday beer.I crave for a Saturday long run.It is so fulfilling.If you aint running yet,just start from somewhere.A walk.A jog,then run.......It is hard I know and thats why I want to give you a simple way out . 1.buy some sexy running gears.Anything new is good.You will feel obliged to wear and try them out in the open. 2.Ask a friend, a spouse or a neighbor to join you,.You will always force yourself out ,just not to disappoint them 3.Lone runs are boring and tedious.If you are solo buy a an mp3 and load some interesting songs.sing along as you jog. 4.Aim to add a distance of any sort every time you get out.If you start with 1km,do at least 5km by end week. 5. Run your pace.If you are in a a company of faster runners than you,ignore their runs and do yours.Maintain your pace and trail them.You will burn out and give up if you insist on keeping up with their pace. 6. Get a dog that like out door.You will be force to give it a treat every morning,as you jog. 7.Pay yourself.Set a price for attaining a certain weekly mileage goal.When you hit pay up.Keep your mileage in a jar and once it accumulates buy yourself that new running jacket you have been ogling. 8.Run for a reason.Do a run for charity.Put that sweat into a worthy cause.I have tried this.I got no word to explain how fulfilling it feels to know you are brazing muscle aches,and all running related torture to change a life.

Welcome to the running community,Now it is time to start,and let the community know how your first one kay was.Did you sweat or did you whine? The more you run the more you will want to run.

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I just want runners here! I mean new runners! I hope today was gear shopping day.Then tomorrow we run together. Hey!Sole sisters.What if we all run for change? what if we all make that baby step towards change? what if? what if ? what if you just decide now?

with Love Shiku

making a decision to start something beneficial in your life is one of the wisest in accomplishing your goal and success.You have done it Sunite,go! go! lets do it together,let sweat it together let change the community together and when the world look back and realize what we have do,the will be like waoh! we can also do it.lets inspire all young and old to start from somewhere.lets have a running community!!!! thanks.

with Love Shiku