Are you passionate in running and loathe the idea of filling your belly with water? Then you are in the wrong sports!Change your passion or change your attitude.If you choose to remain passionate ,then be equipped with all the knowledge about water and running.Running and water is a must work `marriage'! without which you encounter thousands of hitches like ;injuries,dizziness and slow recovery. The only remedy to a quick recovery after a long run is water, water and more water during and after the run.

Yesterday I did a 28km run up hills.It was cold and windy.I froze and forgot the rules and regulation of running-You must take water! hell broke loose later.I suffered a severe head ache all night through and I could not do a recovery run .I went down with fever.A whole weekend.It was devastating. Then my co-runners come to my rescue. with an advice-rest and take a lot of fluid.I did and it worked! That why I like group running! if you do have one,you will affirms that every group running is a new adventure.

Every piece of a run you do exists to expose some piece of you! Those aching muscles and tired mind can either stop or drive you.Use your friends to raise your spirit and increase your energy.Remember it is the upper most part of your body that determines how you feel and how your body reacts.Think strong-be strong.Think weak-be weak!

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Two weekends ago, I ran my first race of the season. A 15k that was all UPHILL. It was cold and rainy and totally awesome. I had a good recovery run a few days later and was primed to keep on training. Then Shawn's parents came for a visit. First Jonah got a stomch virus, then Shawn's mom, then Shawn, and then Shawn's dad. Ack. What was a running gal to do? I could barely keep up with laundry!

I planned to get back into the swing of things this weekend, but Jonah has been teething (the attack of the molars!) and needless to say, I haven't had much sleep in days. However, I decided enough is enough, so after I had coffee with Jensine this afternoon, I ran the 4+ miles home. It rocked my world. I love running.

Off to bed now. Zzzzzzz....

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I got no baby of my own sweetheart.Thats my lovely niece.I used to call her my baby when she was little,now she is my height and I changed-she is now my baby sister. Read my week 2 assignment ,then come back to me-my personal story.I actually quoted one of your journal at the end.

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Sweetheart you have to train! you have a full marathon to do in 6 months time.Run ! run! run! finally our 56km is around the corner.I cant wait! in a post by Consolata (sponsor the runners) in voices rising,we attached our photo running.Jensine enquired on how she can sponsor us, I asked her to contact you.Keep us posted.

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I have found great power in running especially at the ripe age of 43. It has given me a gift that I never expected, though it has been apart of my life since I was 8 years old and joined my first track team. I especially find it encouraging to do as a single mom, living in such a patriarchial environment, it helps me to connect to my own power center. I have recently added music to my morning run, and it keeps me running even when my mind wants to give up. I feel stronger than, I ever had and very grateful to be able to run, at my age. Thanks for your reminder.

I have never ran in my life, even through high school I managed to skive the cross country and they insisted I have to pass in my exams so there was no much sport going on in my school. Its a habit I keep planning to start, you have inspired me to give it another shot, I will keep you updated.

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Iam thrilled to see our `basket' of running swelling slowly with passionate runners.Dr.Edonna you are still so young,I bet you will be as young as you are at age of 70 something .Its the power of running.Yeah running with music is so inspiring I have found life in it too.encourage other ladies young and old to join us in this fun fulfilling sport,lets all run for our community,run for change!

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I cant wait to read that message from you-``Shiku,today I did 2 kays'' That day my legs will be up and jumping high with jubilation! you have taken a very important step towards your goal-the decision to start,is crucial . welcome to sole sisters and let me know when you are ready to run with me.Call me on 0721936427

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