I have in past watched helpless women cry pain and frustration.I have cried the same tears too.I learned then that,change comes from with in,it is what we believe we can, not what others believe we can not.Change is all about hope and Faith in you and I.There is no one who can intimidate you with out your consent.Giving gratitude to what we have,is the best favor and treatment we can pamper ourselves with. Working with woman's hope has opened a new chapter in my life.A chapter of new challenges and new dreams.I have all along wanted to be a voice of voiceless women.To inspire ,empower and power them in all ways possible.I have a new pillar of changing my personal life experience through others,by teaching them the true meaning of life.The worthiness of self esteem and confidence. I have a great, great passion for running-I have noted how running can be utilized to uplift the lives of the needy in our community.For this and only this reason ,I converged friends to run as we collect money for charity.With this, sports for change was born.My dream is to be an umbrella of change .Though woman's hope I have visited ,talked and listened to thousand of very desperate women,who believe they got no reasons for living .They have lost hope ,they just siz sag as they walk so blindly hitting more hopeless blocks on the way. My vision is to sport for change.I want to sweat for change and the needy.I want to Use my sweat’ to build houses for them,educate the poor but bright children,provide literacy to illiterate women and see a changed community.I yearn for that time when we will have members sweating for change all over the world.Members who will achieve my vision with me.That is you and I ,we have and must change what we really want changed. I have a dream.I dream to enlighten global woman at all levels on matters affecting ourcommunity’ .The need to change it and the channel to use.Writing is a beautiful way of expressing anger ,satisfaction and despair .I target to tap a multitude of audience in pulse wire and in sports of change.This will help me achieve my vision in two ways i.My articles will reach a wide range of audience through pulse wire ,hence more members for sports for change. ii. More members will mean,more people sporting for change.More sweat drops hence more smiles in hearts of the needy in my community and the world at large. I will be a tool of voice to all and sundry as a pulse wire correspondent ,where voiceless women can finally raise their grievances and get an ear.I will be a tool and wire for pulse wire in reaching the grass root women-where change is a must.Pulse wire will spring roots all over,yes ,roots that will flower change.What a beautiful thing to listen to women confessing change of life through pulse wire.Tears will be witnessed ,tears of gratitude not despair.I yearn to bring this to reality. The world has more women than men.Mostly men use us to `make’ them.Think of all politicians ,why do you think they target women votes? The answer is simple-with women,any dream is possible.They simply achieve their dreams through us.That's a hard fact! How painful then that women fear creating change among them? Why? The answer is again simple-we have lost hope,and confidence in ourselves.We eager to change men but detest to make up for our own. If women can finally take a challenge to believe in themselves,if get the will to change in our heart,we can take the lead.This what I want to advocate as a correspondent.Pulse wire has put us in one boat where we happily sing along a familiar song -a song of change.

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Shiku - my world pulse sister. Thanks so much for introducing me to Consolata and your great work at Woman's Hope. I love that you put women's interests - beauty, advice, friendship, politics - in a format that also encourages women and gives them tools like career and finance tips. It is indeed all about hope.

I have been running since I got back- am in Chicago with two fine Kenyans now - we will work together and be in touch. There is lots for us to do! Emily

Dear Emily,everything in this world happens in the right time and for a purpose.The pulse wire,the VOK and finally the blogging query that connected us.Waoh! All this wasnt by chance! Our courage ,determination and dedication to creat change will give us fruits of vision which we greatly deserve.All the best and keep in touch. Whats your email address?

with Love Shiku

Dear Shiku,

I am a volunteer writer with World Pulse and have agreed to research and write some short 'success stories' for our readers and supporterse. These stories will share the ways in which World Pulse and Pulsewire have connected and inspired women from around the world. The team was particularly touched by your story, and how World Pulse may have helped you move forward from pain to self-awareness and empowerment (a process familiar to many of us in this community!) It sounds like you have discovered a particular goal in using sports/running to empower women and girls; this is something I'd like to hear more about. I'm also interested to know about your new friendship with Emily from Chicago.

Would it be possible for me to 'talk' to you via email, and send you some more specific questions? I hope you will consider being interviewed because you are an inspiration to our members!

Please send an alternate email if you have one.

All the best, Rachel C

Rachel Clift media for CHANGE www.media-for-change.com

shout a big `thank you' to your whole team for believing in me.It has been a sweet and bitter road with hurdles all over,but each hurdles carries a blessing.My yestar life rejuvenate my heart into touching and uplifting needy families.Many a time,we lose hope with a drop of discouragement .It would be my pleasure to talk to the disheartened women through your writing with pleasure and courage.

with Love Shiku