Love, that sweet feeling, has become a matter of “who is smarter” in today’s dot-com era, a situation that has raised the question as to: What is wealth? As evidenced by hot-spot stories and comments at KSB, wealth has become associated with “Papers” Ulayani. That is, regardless of your age, you are hot, fresh and “date-able” if you have them papers. If your lover accompanies you back home and you venture into the streets of Nairobi, many Nairobians will be tempted to think that you are in for the money. I thought so too. Little do they know that the old “hottie” you are tightly holding may be your stamp to the “Green land” or paradise especially in Europe.

Who is fooling who in this scenario could be a very complicated question. According to how the reasoning goes, the aging woman or man will have enjoyed the fresh goodies by the time the stamp is done. That is to say, she/he will be, psychologically, two years or so younger. Isn’t that worth the special stamp?

In that situation, there is no user because it becomes a “do me, I do you” business deal. The case of the guy whose papers developed wings and “flew” is both interesting and unique. It is more of a hide and seek love game. The poor inexperienced guy didn’t understand that the oldie was a doer too. In their case, it was a question of who could touch the finishing line first and the young dude was clearly outdone.

But, playing with the mind of a young lover for the sake of getting them “papers” is inhuman and selfish. The freedom the “paper” offers is incomparable to the scars the betrayal leaves behind, the lost trust, the feeling of disgrace and distaste. Some of these misdeeds do stalk our lives and dismantle it later.

In Kenya, the “paper love” phenomena is diverse .To many people, especially the young and energetic youth, wealth is money. Nairobian boyz have become nuts with money, big cars, partying and elderly but “fat pocketed” women. This trend has become so notorious that you will find shameless youths advertising themselves in newspapers and accurately quoting their preferred age categories. In this case, fourty and above women are hot cakes. The youths are not ashamed that after the adverts have done their job and hooked them up, they will, in turn, become sex pests addicted to easy money and exposed to all kinds of dangers!

Young Kenyan blood looking for whites know where to pull them from – Salsa clubs. Recently in a club, a youthful dude jumped in for a Salsa dance with hands tightly locked as if to safe guard a white chick he was targeting beside him. They giggled and fondled before linking up in unison. What became immediately apparent was not their “love at first sight” but their age difference. The woman was an “oldie”, complete with wrinkles down her face and marked signs of senility dotting her thin body.

You Could Hit the Jack-Pot or get Packed in a Plane for Deportation I pay my entrance fee and take a comfy and central seat to face the dance floor. In a short while, more similar couples approach. Salsa beats are vibrating, stealing away the evening. Both novice and veteran dancers give out their best as they strategically look for prey to be led to the Hotel bed later for hanyaring in exchange for cash. Life has changed and the boy prostitutes aka sex workers are doing it openly.

This is the famous Hearts Club in Moi avenue, best known as “Salsa Sunday Refugee”. The Club has free coaching and dancing sessions. For some reason, the coaches are all young boys and their trainees are women, most of them whites. As a spectator, I was in for a free dance. Salsa dancers are real entertainers. Interestingly, half of the boyz are hooked to white chicks. A clear observation is that their best Salsa moves continually earn them a ticket in these chick’s beds and after doing what they know best, they earn extra points to enable them drive their cars and weekend outs. It’s tragic to say the least! Young people are getting spoilt because of poverty and lack of opportunity. For them, hanyaring whites is a kind of profession and they do it in style.

The future-focused ones push for college education. That is, if they are from needy families. This leaves them with something to show after the oldies are placed out of the country. Those whose parents can afford school fees see no further than partying. They party and “bed-dance” more than studying. The oldies leave them both empty handed and empty minded. Those “fleshing up” with Kenyan Mamas are not luckier as the Mamas soon get bored or decide that it’s time to get faithful to their permanent partners. Don’t mind that these decadent youths are our Kesho’s leaders. It is a clear indication why we end up with half -baked , if not, useless leaders.

Girls are not better mannered. A recent research shows that university students are more frequent in the famous sex streets. Some go to an extent of sneaking in men in their college rooms during the day. A certain girl, whom I will call JJ, was quoted saying that “I am a designer girl, and to maintain my taste and style, I have to work extra, day and night”. JJ says that sometimes, she is forced to make out in her room to balance her studies and business. That’s to say, she studies in between clients.

Most of this fun-searching cartels are in marriage institutions. Women have, in recent times, followed the men’s bold step of having fun outside marriage. Some women are looking for money and some are looking for fun while, in the case of Ngambo, others are looking for papers. Whether in Kenya or in Stockholm, we are in the love era and, during the excursions, the fundamental issue is whether you will be smart enough to get what you want and get away unscathed or whether you will become another loser and get yourself packed in the plane for deportation.

If you are smart, you could get your papers and jump out. If you are slow, the woman could fly with your “paper baby” and leave you stranded and paperless. You could go down with an infection in Kenya in the process of doing a sick oldie who can no longer be done Ulayani or play your cards well and scoop the jack-pot by fixing an oldie on a Kenya sex tour and making away with Euros, Kronas or even Francs!

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Thank you, Shiku, for sharing your thoughts on this issue. I can see how poverty and the lack of opportunity could easily make the pursuit of money and an easier existence one's top priority in life. And when such is the case--when people old and young don't work toward forming meaningful relationships based on feelings of love and compassion but rather on personal gain--the world becomes a sad place indeed.

Even in wealthy countries such as my own, love and money and the love of money are all confused together in ways similar to the way you've described here. I hope that, through our communicating together another vision of the future where money is not the meaning of life, love might be restored.



It does seem strange that it took me awhile to figure out what 'papers' you were talking about, but I see what you mean. I think that it does happen a lot but hopefully some do find something real and lasting instead of the 'do me, I do you" thing you described.

It is a sad indication of the times when our youths seem to want to turn to easy money instead of honest work. We need to somehow show that the feelings of working an honest day outweigh the fleeting feelings of being flush for the moment bring...

Are there many of these clubs in each city or is it limited to a major city/cities?