I have grown to appreciate and juice out meaningful meanings out of my names -Faith Wanjiku .I loathed `Faith’ when I was young.It sounded, so biblical, so untrendy, and so unstriking.everyone else had funcky names.As a catholic I was allowed to twin it with another one-I searched and searched but no name intertwined well.I gave up and concentrated with more sensible issues as I grew up. I joined my brother in burying his head and soul in inspirational books.I noted most if not all talks a lot about Faith-Faith without which you are doomed to despair in life, Faith without which you remain stagnant or step backwards instead of moving forward.Faith with which you are unconstrained, you move and keep moving forward.I adored it- Faith .Faith with which I have overcome tricky and challeging hurdles. Now,I live in me,and preach to others to have me.Faith.``double up your faith’’ to accomplish all your dreams!

Wanjiku is from Anjiku’ .It has a deep and very complicated roots.Iam from a tribe in Kenya calledthe gikuyu’ which was born by Gikuyu nad Mumbi.They had nine daughters, and all gikuyu girls are named after them.Hence Anjiku.I inherited it from my antie ,sister to dad.Small ones are nicknames shiku’.I love it.It makes me feel so adored, exceptional, and babyish .Many feel that I have outgrown the name and should take Wanjiku, but I persist on Shiku ,and the thought of changing it boils my blood in irritation. my close family members and friends useWanjiku’ when something is amiss.

My schoolmated nicknamed me `dolly’-said I looked like a doll.I adored it though it made me feel like a sick bird, when they consoled me, oh my doll! in bad times.from it Dollin imerged.I carried it to college, and used Faith only officially.

I meet my a guy whom I was madly in love with.I mean madly.He called me `kahoney’ it made me feel sweet ,special and loved.I tried hard ,to keep him happy just to retain the name. It elated me.I scribbed it everywhere even on my pants! But I realized later the name was more on the lips than in the heart.It lost meaning hence I rubbed it off!

My x-mother-in-law nick named me ,mama Mumbi’ Mumbi was her name.She anticipated a daugher from me and agonized about it more than I did.She was loving and endearing .More than a mother –in-law to me.I shared all my secret with her. The idea of naming my daughter after her was a thrill! My x- fiancee dint appreciate the namebaba Mumbi’ so I dropped it too. I mixed my name and that of my x-fiancee -he was Nicholas- and got `fani’ .It made me feel funny and stupid.I dropped it before anyone heard of it.I picked his second name-Maina,and become Faith Maina.It gave me a sense of belonging-a silly belonging! Isnt it? But I scribbled it everywhere,even in my passport.incredible!when marriage thorns rose higher than flowers I dropped the name and took shiku steve.Steve is my dad.He was the first one to note and question on the sudden change.I had a strong explanation``dad I belong to you more than to him’ dint I know that before? Women! Don’t laugh-I loved this guy barmy.I was waiting for him to propose we blend our blood,or share organs anything that could have made hime realize all my heart ,soul, body and moves was all about him and him only,.He dint.That saved my **s ! I got no idea how I could have drained his blood out of me, could we have blended. I have retained Shiku Steve, (S S) the one you familiar with.

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I love your words "I am a greathearted lady who is always ready to go an extra mile to touch a heart. I feel great when my deeds cause a smile to a needy person." You are an inspiration and we are so happy you have joined our online community.

I see that you have already joined some of our groups and thought you might also be interested in joining "Jambo, Hello from Kenya!" hosted by our sister spirit, Leah Auma Okeyo, who has brought together women from all over who brainstorm solutions, pose questions, test ideas and support each other's visions. It can be found at http://www.worldpulse.com/pulsewire/groups/1474.

Your journal intrigued me and I thought you might also like to post these thoughts to the journal of our Mistress of Amalgamation (Communications Director), Ila Asplund, which you can find at http://www.worldpulse.com/node/1770. There you will read a wonderful dialogue going on about the background and history of member's names. Your story will surely inspire more engaging conversation. So, karibu Shiku Steve, Janice PulseWire Community Director

Thank you Janice and Jennifer.Janice I have joined Jambo,Hello from kenya and I do trust we will do great deeds together with Leah and other strong hearted women.Jennifer I replied to your post about running and Iam about to post the photos.Keep on with the spirit.

with Love Shiku