.....Living in God's own country with Devil's own people....

Shilpa Balakrishnan
Posted May 19, 2012 from India

India, a developing country is facing so many challenges. We Indians treat or treated women as God. But now time changed, people changed, and so it has to be corrected as treated. And Kerala is a small state which is known as God’s own country, but now we call it as God’s own country but Devil’s own people. And I live here in God’s own country with Devil’s own people.

As a woman(actually as a girl), I have faced so many bad experience inside Kerala and outside Kerala. So many men have been misbehaved to me. And I couldn’t do anything, I was afraid. Some look at us like something to EAT. We are also a part of this world; we also have the right to walk alone, but not in India. There will be hundreds of eyes and hands for her, but NOT FOR HELP. The eagle eye of men are always with us. Even we can’t go to the toilet, technology has improved a lot, and they are placing camera in toilets. We are not safe in our own house. Not only me there are so many victims, even so many of them were killed and others committed suicide. Only some stories are coming up, others mouth are buried deeply. In India there are many undeveloped villages, girls are not allowed to school there, it is a forbidden place for them. Women try to help themselves, but one against hundred will always be a failure.

Women and girls must be protected when ever they are in trouble. If any one misbehaves to her a strong law should be there to help her. In India if any men killed or did anything to a girl or women he will only punished for some hours or one day, politicians or leaders in the top level will call to release them immediately. There has never been a strong law in Kerala and also in India. Governments can adopt law which would help women. A strong and helpful law should be implemented here to increase women contribution in each place. A survey should be conducted to the new generation girls to know about their problems and solutions. They will tell the right punishment. So I request everyone who read this to take the right action against this. Now we can only pray for a brighter happier future for women and girls.

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