Shilpa Balakrishnan
Posted December 2, 2013 from India

Do you Pretend to be someone...? I do, a lot. At home I pretend not to be existed when they need to help in their works, and to scold me, and tell me to study. At college also I pretend not to be existed even though I want everyone know that I too am here, and want to be friends with everyone. But no, I don't want anyone to spot me. I am afraid of being teased. It's because of my physical experience. If my friend is 40 kg I will be like 90 kg. You will be thinking ' What's with that?' well, it is all. I am fat. I pretend to accompany with my Friends and Teachers when they make fun of me. But inside, I want to blurt out how I feel, how I want to run away from this world, how I want to die at that moment. Actually I am fed up of all this pretending to be 'just friend' to the person I love. I hate my friends who pretend to be my best friend and tell my secrets to everyone in my absence. I hate my first love who pretended to be the one I need the most and left me taking all my happiness. I hate this pretended world who only loves to hear what is favored to them. I hate everything. I hate me.

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  • mrbeckbeck
    Dec 05, 2013
    Dec 05, 2013

    You're not alone in your feelings. So many of us are walking through life with different masks on to keep others happy. Here on World Pulse you can speak your mind freely without being judged. Your voice is what matters here. I hope you're able to find some new types of friends, and new types of personal expression here. We're a community of givers, of connectors and don't be shy to connect with us and share your vision for a better world---we're listening!

    Take care, it can be a rough world. But, it can be a beautiful place too. With respect,

  • Shilpa Balakrishnan
    Dec 06, 2013
    Dec 06, 2013

    Thanks to you for listening and reading...Hope let the world become a beautiful place soon...