The latest incident offorced marriage of a minor Muslim girl to an Arab national has once again brought to focus vulnerability of women from poorer sections who continue to be victims of sexual exploitation. The infamous "Arabbi kalyanam" ( Arab wedding), a social malady prevalent in parts of Kerala, has stirred a raging debate over the evil practice, which has devastated the lives of young girls in the wake of recent episode in which a 17-year-old girl from Kozhikode(In Kerala), living in orphanage, was forced into marriage with an Arab national. Till June this year, she lived in an orphanage in Kozhikode and dreamt of a better life by studying further. Then, says a 17-year-old in Kerala, she was forced into marriage with a man from the United Arab Emirates, who sexually abused her for two weeks and abandoned her. The police have filed a case of rape, harassment for dowry and other charges under the Juvenile Justice Act and the Protection of Children against Sexual Harassment Act. The man is back in UAE. There were more than 2 or 3 girls,who are minors whom where married to Arab peoples and were divorced after 1 or 2 months.