The web 2.0 is bestowing us the women with the opportunity to speak our voices and ideas to the world. The program is like the Aladdin’s magic lamp for laywomen as it allows us to promote our sayings, understandings and ideas to the vast platform of the world. The way it introduces the women from different parts of the world and the way it helps these women to bring out their stories, ideas and thoughts enthralls me the most. Web 2.0 has come forward with its assistance for the women who have perhaps never thought that their voices can be heard by millions of people around the world. With thousands of women participating in web 2.0, the program has become a huge fest. Encouraging women to participate in global conversation, web 2.0 paves the way for the women to speak their minds and share their visions. Web 2.0 understands that women’s active participation in sharing their voices and ideas would help address global issues and would also help introduce what individual women think of their rights. Web 2.0 has given the chance to participate through writing stories, delivering reports on what women have to say. The tools such as communication, new media and journalism offered by web 2.0 are successfully bringing together the women in one cohort and supporting them in sharing their voices and views. These would eventually lead to the women’s empowerment and solutions to various global challenges. For a student like me the program is an opportunity to send my ideas and views to the world. Web 2.0 is providing me with the idea and support that encourage me to participate in global conversation with the women from different parts of the world. These help me enhance my understandings and knowledge about women with different background, culture, and idea. Since maybe it is not possible for me to face the challenges alone, I am proud to own allies who are strong and who have their own voices and who I believe would not abandon me in facing the issues that i believe needs to be addressed. Therefore, as a student I really appreciate the program and I believe this is a chance for me to share what I have to say as a woman.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I think it's great that you view Web 2.0 as a means of collaborating and connecting with women everywhere. We cannot solve the world's problems alone, but women like you who have the passion and drive to work together give us all hope!

Web 2.0 is providing the perfect platform for women all over the world to not only share their stories, but also just to reach out and connect on a personal level.

Hello! I loved reading your story here. I especially like your sentence: "I am proud to own allies who are strong and who have their own voices and who I believe would not abandon me in facing the issues that i believe needs to be addressed."

I completely agree, and love the feeling of solidarity that PulseWire has. Together we are stronger! Thanks for being here-- I look forward to hearing more from you.


Scott Beck

Hi ! thanks for such wonderful feedback. I really appreciate that. yes together WE R STRONGER! I am glad that i have got the companionship of worldpulse community. thanks for writing. Thank you!