I was asked to share more about Rocket Stoves. It is a concept that Rotary has been exploring in various areas of the world as a way to cook with just sticks off the ground. No real wood or fuel is needed and the fire gets so hot from the combustion chamber that it burns off any smoke. Because I am interested in self sustainability and alternate was to cook in case of power outages, this was of interest to me. The simplest design just uses 16 bricks (adobe is best). There is also one made with 5 gallon drums and I see these all over China...you can add a unit on top for purifying water. I built the one with 16 bricks in my back yard for making flatbread and bought a 5 gallon one with the added water purifier for using up near my home. I will try to post photos of both. Feel free to contact me if you have questions. Shirl

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Thank you so much Shirl for sharing more about rocket stoves. A very interesting and eco-friendly concept.

Great going!

Much love,

Mukut Ray

Thanks for sharing Shirl! Rocket stoves are a great example of low cost, efficient and eco-friendly technology that could have a big impact on women around the world. The water-purification piece is new to me and I think is a brilliant innovation.

I have also seen these stoves integrated into some designs for heating a room or small home! If you do a Google search for the term "rocket mass heater" you can quickly access designs for these, which might interest you or other community members.

Thanks again,

Scott Beck

Scott, thanks for the comment. I have several permaculture friends that are researching rocket stoves to heat a small home and I have seen lots of articles and pictures of ones already built. The carbon monoxide risk is something I can't quite sort out to my comfort level. Just want to make sure folks know that research is needed. Thanks again.

Sending love and peace, Shirl