I was going through recipes to make flatbread on my outdoor rocket stove when I realized that many of you have recipes unique to your own countries that might be easy and simple to make. If you have any recipes you want to share, I would be very grateful. I have spent today planting and freezing for winter. Now I want to cook. Any help is appreciated. I do store many different types of grains and grind them as I use them so I'm optimistic that I can use some of your ideas. Thank you. Shirl

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Hi Shirl,

Hope this email finds you well and happy.

I do not have any flatbread recipes. But I am very lazy. So, if someone send you a simple one will you email it to me at : Headingforgreatness@gmail.com. Haha !


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Wendy, thanks for your comment. Yes, if I get a delicious, easy recipe, I will send it on. I am actually going to take a cooking class on flatbreads in March. Will let you know. Shirl

Sending love and peace, Shirl

Dear Shirl Nice to meet you. You travel a lot in the world I hope your also in Namibia its one of the loveliest Countries in the world,its my Country.Its seems you can help me advice me on many things.I am a communty activist and small business owner.This year I forecast on one of the most Important issue which botering me for many years breast feeding and infant feeding.I work in Informal Settlements where water is a scares comutity and no electricity housing with anthing you can find to built with and make house burning easier,which happen almost every week lost of lifes and leave families homeless and with nothing. Seeing a baby on a bottle feeding make me sick and very worried. Its why I wanted to forecast on Solar energy ,food Storage and organic gardening . Hope we can help each other. Regards Katrina

Katrina, I don't know a lot about Solar but do know a fair amount about passive solar/building to make spaces retain heat and cool. I also know a fair amount about food storage and organic gardening.

I agree with your concerns about breast feeding. My own son almost died at 5 months from infant botulism...a toxin that got into his system and destroyed every muscle until he could rebuild them all. Had I not been breast feeding, he would have died because the breast milk helped his immune system function long enough to see a problem and get help. That was 25 years ago but we are still part of a huge study on botulism and they see a correlation between sudden infant death (unexplained infant deaths) and botulism.

Let me know how I can help....maybe with your questions and my ability to get information, we can help each other. What are these women using to cook on and is that what is causing the fires? Could they cook outdoors on a rocket stove or with a solar oven?


Sending love and peace, Shirl