This woman played a major part in my life history being a role model of what she considers as empowerment. According to her, well educated, able to make decision independently, respecting other’s decision and feeling, and above all understanding others are all what she considers empowerment. This empowerment is, not just only for women, but for man and for the entire humankind, very essential to live with each other. She has not just gave me birth but also brought me in a way that I was able to understand who I am and what I am supposed to do in this world. Yes. She is my mother, who taught me to be independent even from her and my father’s decision, how women also can achieve their goals and be equal to men in society like mine. In fact, girls after marriage take their wealth as dowry to her husband family and it can be considered a reason why they did not want girls. I do accept that parents in our society needs to sacrifice a lot for girls. However, my parents being educated and with an optimistic view were at last ready to bring up both of us. They believed that girls can work as equal to boys and achieve their goals in life. I did not realize how hard it would be to bring up two girl children in society like this criticizing my mother till I get in to my university level of education. When I am away from home and my society, I realize my parent’s hardships and how they are very outstanding and different from the rest of my society members. After this sincere realization, I want to initialize a conversation with my mother about her experiences as a woman or a mother for a female baby. During my childhood, I remember my mom’s saying, “you both should not care about what others say at you. No matter at what circumstance, you should not get dropped from your education.” She also says, there is none that in the world you can depend on but only on education. She values and emphasizes more on being educated well which gives us the complete independency in this world. Thus she is the one I always cherish as my first role model in life.