A Radioactive Soul

Shoaib Rafiq
Posted January 1, 2011 from India

Its 2050! Ya, AD... I heard some people still dwell – On the magnificent Himalayan peaks, and In the caves of shame and lair, god knows where...

This place, they used to call Mumbai The pioneer to cine and crime! Now, it lies beneath these dark, murky waters Waters, with no life in it

It all started with the nuke wars... I’ve seen at a place called Kashmir! Women trying to rescue her child- Melting into a goblin! And fusss...

It started everywhere, the war! I’ve seen humans evaporating – Leaving behind- smell, fume and a want of life... All turn silent, the death strife!

The poles melted, so did life! Cities submerged, the new-York and Bangkok... So did Mumbai and all others

Me? I’m not a flesh and bone! I’m a soul... A radioactive soul! Here, Searching for the remnants of my loved ones...

Searching, eyes of my parents- In which resided a lot of dreams, the Finger-tips and lips of my beloved – they were beautiful!

I’m searching the reason of this all Searching for the method, to Sow the garden again... But alas! I’m a soul, a radioactive soul...

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  • Jacqueline Patiño
    Jan 03, 2011
    Jan 03, 2011

    Your poem makes me put my feet into earth and not give up, not even for a second, in rising my voice against violence.

    The real problem is not only in our governments, but it is also in each person. We admit violence as a means of reaching social objectives. I don´t think so. I think we must begin to use non violenct, proactive action to reach social goals.

    This way we will stand away from political parties that instruct people on how to be violent to pursue their social goals.

    This is a truth that everyone in the world is willing to deny. But the truth will find its way. We need to stop violence. We need to speak the truth about violence. We need to stand brave, non violently, against all kinds of abuse.



  • K-lee Starland
    Jan 03, 2011
    Jan 03, 2011

    Thank you for your poem. Have you more? I would enjoy reading them.I think this one is quite good.

    Personally, my vision is "Total Inner Peace and Unreasonable Happiness: even in the face of violence, war, and every other negative thing the human-ego mind can create. I work on this vision every day and I wish it for everyone who also wants to have it. Could attaining this vision be the "reason" for it all? Where did the violence go.....

    love K-lee

  • Shoaib Rafiq
    Jan 03, 2011
    Jan 03, 2011

    @ Jackie and K-lee - thank you for being so coherent against violence, I myself am. But lets not fall for this tactic of our masters shunning violence on the resistance side is gaining peace. Non- Violence essentially is a theater, which demands audience. What would happen when there is none. The media is immune, so is the general public - see the terms like, flushing out the terrorists, Sanitizing the terrorists area etc. And who are these supposedly terrorists - small resistances who reason it to their History, Religion or some Beliefs. But essentially the reason for their resistance is the hegemony of the Super-power or the morally degraded, Nationalistic state.

    Now, how can the non-violence sprout out from the dead lanes of the NW-Pakistan where the cold drones have turned the living population into a ruble. I sometimes try and feel how it would be over there, young children and women running away in every direction, trying to save themselves from the cluster bomb dropping - toy planes. I imagine women running with the vessels and jars of dry something. And children with spices in their clenched fists.

    I'm a Kashmiri, I've seen how the non-violence have claimed 115 children this year alone in this valley of few millions - patrolled by the equal millions of military boots of the Indian state. I can't speak the mantra of non-violence in their homes. And then the deals are signed by the Indian state for nuke supplies with the US and France.