The major challenge to blogging for me is want of time. I am a professional, fulltime journalist and write all the time for money. So, to be very frank, writing for a blog gets second priority because it does not pay. Besides, the opportunity cost of blogging instead of writing is very high for me. And finding time to blog inspite of all this is the biggest challenge.

I have my personal blog under the title KRAZZZY THOUGHTS on a cinema website called It is relatively recent because I am expected to contribute to my blog for a minimum of once a month. I have made two entries till now and spread the message only with my second entry which got a fabulous feedback from friends far and near both in terms of quality and in terms of quantity. I have the third entry up my sleeve and in my head but have not got down to writing it yet. Blogging for me is letting of steam I cannot in my mainstream journalism. I can write openly about the ethical principles of journalism being violated with impunity by many journalists.

The principal block to blogging is some of the useless and nonsensical feedback I get from readers who have not even read my blog but are responding to it anyway for the sake of responding per se. Since there is no rule for feedback and there cannot be any rules against feedback except the normal ones of decency and etiquette, this will go on for a blogger to know that at least his or her blog is being read.

Another problem for me is that I do not really care for HTML because I really do not understand the way it works. WORD is more user-friendly and systematic and e-mail friendly is what I personally feel though this is debatable because my knowledge about HTML is very limited.

Over the past couple of months, I have learnt that one has to e-mail the link to one’s blog to one’s mail friends so that the message goes across far and wide. I did that for my second input. I was about how, having migrated from Mumbai in the Western extremes of India to Kollkata which touches the Eastern tip, I felt neither here nor there, like a Diaspora Indian who lives in the West and feels he/she belongs neither to the motherland nor to the country of adoption. The feedback as I said, was totally a surprise in a very positive sense. It has infused the confidence in me to go on blogging. As for suggestions to improve the practice and remove its teething problems, I am still studying in the Kindergarten so cannot answer questions aimed at an undergraduate student!


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I received your email and just wanted to let you know that your assignment has been accepted with love and tenderness. Our commitment is to work with every Applicant to overcome their barriers and challenges to participating.

The final assignment will be posted to the group by tomorrow. Please be sure and check back in case you do not receive the notification again.

I am so sorry to hear about your brother and sister. We are sending them lots of healing energy.

With love, Jennifer

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Dear Jennifer,

Thanks for your kind words for my sister and brother and also for accepting my contribution a bit later than the set deadline. Another problem I have encountered is that in my journal, I cannot read my entry for VOF - Week 2 though I remember having posted it within the specified date. Yesterday too, I posted two or three of my earlier articles to my journal. Is there a technical snag you think? Do let me know.

And thanks again.



Greetings Shoma,

Thank you for your honest, thoughtful answer to the VOF 3 posting! Time is certainly something, I think, for women that is hard to come by. So to take the time to BLOG these days seems like a luxury and at least for me, leaves me feeling a bit guilty. Do you have these same feelings?

Blogging and learning new technologies creates such wonderful, inspiring feelings - but can also be frustrating. We are not growing though if we are not frustrated, nervous, scared. True?

Thank you for pursuing this blogging idea and sharing your stories with us. Keep it up - I want to hear more!


Molly Rudberg-Leshnock Curator of Leadership Brand Storyteller

Thanks for the positive comments on blogging.Was a bit late in responding because it is 41 degree Celsius here.Impossible to work for long periods.



Thanks for sharing your challenges with blogging. It seems you have found a way to continue blogging despite these challenges. The blog you wrote about feeling like a Diasporan Indian sounds very interesting! I also appreciated the links you included to the articles concerning human trafficking and gender based terrorism. It is so easy to share information and I'm grateful to be a part of pulsewire to hear the voices of women around the world. Thanks for sharing you story!

Cheers, Megan

Dear Megan,

Thank you so much for your wonderful, heart-warming comments. It made my day, Megan. My daughter thinks I should put my feet up, relax, watch tv and read books. But catch me stopping work and writing. I may die of a heart attack. I do watch TV, in fact a lot of it irrespective of the fact that much of it is unwatchable because for me, it is kind of stress-buster. I read of course but even so, I keep dreaming. I keep applying for fellowships I am overqualified for and for fellowships I do not even deserve to apply for, but that is part of the world of my dreams and I am certain that some day, I will definitely win a fellowship that will make me proud of myself.

Today, I am rushing off to my convocation to receive my Ph.D. Degree from His Excellence the Governor of West Bengal. I have never attended any convocation in person before so this is an experience to look forward to which of course, promises to be boring with many speeches dotting the three-hour programme.