About Me: I am currently involving in civil society organization, supporting the potential youth leaders with knowledge of democracy, citizenship education, human rights and international affairs. My special interest is gender and power relations as they linked very much in our society. I founded RAINFALL which is gender study group and it is the first gender study group in my country, Myanmar (Burma). The vision is to challenge the power relations and power dynamics in our society which oppressed women to achieve the status of human being.

I am currently taking online course from Colorado State University, which is Approaches to Community Development. I was in an exchange program on 2010 to US for one semester study and cultural exchange.

I gave my journal title "Voices of the architects", because Harriet Beecher Stowe said that "Women are the real architects of the world". I liked that saying very much, that's why I metaphor us (Women) as architects.

My Passions: Gender & Feminism studies

My Challenges: Social norms and cultural limitations

My Vision for the Future: Equitable world fill with justice for human beings

My Areas of Expertise: Gender, Youth Development

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Welcome to our special community. Congratulations on your powerful voice and we will all be eager to hear of the exciting new developments in Burma through your eyes!

In gratitude for your important work,

Jensine Larsen World Pulse