To all mothers in the world just wanted to say happy mothers day. Enjoy your day. Being a mother is not a simple thing. A MOTHER IS A VERY SPECIAL PERSON. They support the family no matter what they are going through. They are great achievers of the world.

To my mother Evely Zgambo, you are a star and a fighter indeed. I love you so much.

To all mother on Pulse Wire, happy mothers day and enjoy your day. sibongile.

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Malawi is today celebrating mothers day, a day set aside to appreciate the role mothers play in different fields. A mother is a pillar of life, a blanket that each and every soul needs to have life. Without a mother there is no life.Lets support and protect women all over the world. They mean a lot to every one.

Dear mama, for nine good months you carried me in your womb, protected me and you gave life to me. You made sure i had a good life even though the gong was tough for you. You never gave up on me even though i would let you down sometimes. You are a true friend that i need in this world. OH mama, what can i do without you. To Teresa Temweka Ndanga, happy mothers day, all women on pulse wire, happy mothers day. You are special and great.


Happy mothers day to you too Jenna. A mother makes the world go round and kicking. We rule the world even though the world may not treat us accordingly at times. We are special in indeed. Once again, happy mother's day to all mothers on pulse wire where ever you are. And to you JMKELLAM, enjoy your day.


Hi Jenna,

My whole AVE! Movement is based on Mother's Day. I have researched it, and many countries celebrate in May. Good to know when your country celebrates. World Pulse is so great for so many reasons!

love, joya