I will tell you a story of a woman and her children in Henan province of China. Firstly, the story is read by a journal that called Len's vision, the author gave the report a name which is "the grass life". Why? because the woman named Yuan LIhai who is came frome Lankao, a little county of Henan province in China. From 1987 to now ,she adopted 100 children and most of them are disabled. Yuan adopted them, but only provide basic caring like food and cloth. with the growth of children, she hired many women to look after them, and she take many of them to receive free operation which the goverment provided in order to give them to the family which they "need " a child. she think it would give her money. "I'm poor, I need money to take care of other children, the goverment never take the resibility. " In deed, the goverment of Lankao have no one Childen's Welfare Institute. The governor said they have no plan to operate it because there is another important thing to do.

I don't know how to evaluate the woman. In one hand, She is a kind person because she suvive many children with disabilities. They were abandoned by birth parents just because they are disabilities. Even some of them could to be recovered to health if they recieved an operation. In the other hand , Yuan is not a good mother because she have no ability to give children supporting., she didn't give them enough food,water, house and cure. Sometimes, she use them to exchange. But to the earth,who will take the responsibility?I think it is not only Yuan's duty. In fact , the goverment, who must take the responsibilitity.

Sorry about I'm not good at writing in English. But I focused on women and children in China. I'm interested in policy research and the Indigenous of NGO's. I think it is not person need promote the ability to use media,but also the institute. I admire everyone who pay attention on women and children, espacilly who are disabled and weak. Please contact me.

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Hi Angela,

it is a great story. and hte challenges that this woman is facing are the same almost everywhere especially in the developing countries. I also work with children with disabilities in Zambia and i have a passion for them, but like you, they lack support from many sectors.

May God bless you. Sharon