About Me: my name is Osnat . i live in Israel the upper galilee, and work for Sindyanna for the past six month. i joind Sindyanna in order to establish Sindyanna's new Visitor centre , as we did on Feb' 2010 . The core of this Visitor centre is a group of arab women from the village of Kufr-Manda (near Nazareth), who learn how to weave baskets made out of the date wands. they learn this craft from their teachers - Ronit Pan a jewish woman from a nearby village, and from Wahiba Hughirat , a talented weaver from Kufe-Manda. the Basketry project is one out of a few social projects, Sindyanna of Galilee in doing, in order to support and empower arab women, thruogh economical opportunites.

recently we have opened a joind basketry cours for women of both sides , jewish and arab. this cours in a big success. we belive and aim for a constructive dialogue , which is taking place thruogh the basketry craft and other projects, such as OASIS project, regarding organic Olive oil of which i will tell you next time.

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