I am saddened and surprised to hear the heart wrenching story of an HIV AIDS Naga woman survivor- whom i've been in touch with for almost two years. I didn't know about the reality of her life's journey that has been in the dark for almost two decades now.

I knew that she's HIV +ve, warm and loving person. But, i never asked- how she got infected with AIDS. Though, i've been trying to support her outreach work. I could sense in our conversations about the tension of her young daughter against her, but couldn't understand why. I thought to myself- maybe it's she that made her husband and daughter get infected with AIDS. Because I couldn't relate of a teenage beautiful daughter going mad against her mother in times of despair. The daughter tells her mom, ' I hate you, it's you who gave me AIDS and now -kids/classmates in school make fun of me that I have AIDS and it is because of you, people know that I have AIDS'. Such words pierced mother's heart all the more, as she hasn't got a chance to tell her daughter about the reality, since, the in-laws brainwashed young daughter to turn against her mother and teach her to hate!

To give you the picture of how the mother got infected with AIDS- The mother is from a village- rural area, she's not from well to do family. One day, when she went to visit her brother-in-law staying in rented accomodation in town; the landlord's family came from a city and forcefully took her away to become wife of the landlord's underage substance abuse son. She felt so ashamed and startled with everything that she accepted it as her fate and destiny of life! She didn't resist to run away, as she had nowhere to go. Her brother-in-law became a culprit in itself for not defending her well, but i wonder whether it's his poverty that made him kept silent! or what is it? Was he not able to pay the house rent? which became a trade off---

The abductors thought having a wife will lead to stopping or curing of addictive habits of their son- whom they spoilt and know not- how to control. The irony is abductor's family made the young daughter went against her own mother after dead of their only son - the girl's father that gave AIDS both to her and her mother.

The young girl's mother that got infected with AIDS is not even aware of her own Rights and that a case of abduction could be filed in a court. Abduction is a word very new to her! Her case represents millions of rural women in Asia, Africa, Middle East etc. who never got to go to school and became aware of their Rights. They accepted it as their fate and destiny!

I was told by her, there are so many women going through the same as her. What should we do in such a case, Pulsewire Women! will we be strong enough to stand for her justice and Rights. When i try to find lawyers that will stand for justice without money, I haven't found any yet! Should we make her suffer all the more or set her free! Where is her justice gone? and where is her Rights that we talked about so much? Is Rustice and Rights only meant for rich and influential? What should poor and uneducated women do? Who'll stand for them? Shall we continue shutting our ears and eyes and pretend not to see?

I am trying to understand her case in better way, but long distance call is difficult to record her life's journey of 17 dark years and still she lives with abductors to keep her daughter happy.But, the daughter hates her as in-laws have lied to the young daughter that 'the mother doesn't love her dad and herself'

Pulsewire women & others, we need your support, encouragement and love in times of her despair. Let's stand with her!! She showed me the courage and strength of being a woman. Such live's journey never make me rest in peace, even if i want to.....

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Yes Nusrat, let's stand together as women for justice! I am trying to find concrete ways to help her out. I am glad she opened to me her life's journey- to be a voice for her.. It is their faith and trust in me that makes me go on!

Best to you too! Singmi