Women As Shinning Light

Posted July 25, 2016 from Nigeria
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Orphans empowerment
Orphans empowerment (1/1)

Approximately 50% of the world population is female. Women and Girls suffer more from poverty than men and forty percent of the world's population consist of children, they suffer more than others. I recall my visit to a refugee camp outside my country; so far that has been one of the most bitter encounter I have had. That day, I patiently listen as they shared their every day ordeal, pain, thrift, limitations & sufferings; their plight was so pathetic that I was but moved with great sympathy & compassion, at that very moment I knew I had found my Destiny, the very reason for my existence. I felt their pains, turture, torment, hurt, saw their needs and only wished at the instant yo do more than I could just to put a lasting smile on their faces and get their lives back in one piece. After my interventions that day, as i made my way out of the camp, they all enchored "Bennie we love you", I turned around biding them goodbye in hot tears. From that moment, the motivation to respond to their situation and likes around the world has never ceased. I like to use this medium to encourage every one of us to continuously be shinning lights to one another. Learn to be the hope that others seek, our lights shine brighter when we light others...Together we can make the world a better place. Love you all Sisters!

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