Posted October 19, 2011 from Nigeria

Please pardon me, I posted this last week but on the wrong page I just discovered it. I hope I will succeed this time As I was about to summit my last assignment, I took a deep breath and uttered, ‘‘ah’ I made it to the end, it is all over. Little did I know that my internet service provider and my personal computer took the same deep breath and packed up for days? Thank God the problem has been ratified. I want to use this medium to say BIG THANKS to World Pulse genius for drawing up this programme, which has given voice to global grassroots community developers. My gratitude goes to Rachael and Scott for their dedication to duty. And for giving me the opportunity to participate, which almost slipped me by. Indeed, it is a privilege I will ever live to remember. Scott also guided me on how to reset my mail box. His assistance to me can be likened with that of a mother’s support to her child facing some challenges, ‘thank you’. I congratulate all my fellow participants for your determination in spite odds, your inspiring stories, challenges and your passion to make a change in your communities’ especially giving voice and hope to the vulnerable. “Keep the little light on”, you are wonderful women, you inspired me . My appreciation also goes to all my new friends especially those who took out time to read, comment on my assignments, passion and revealed that I have writing skill,I never took cognizance off. You made me feel appreciated for once in my life. God bless you all. I’m proud and happy that my names May (Oluchukwu) and SKILDEV are known globally today through this platform. thanks you are my genius. GOD BLESS WORLD PULSE SISTERS, GOD BLESS SKILDEV, GOD BLESS NIGERIA, GOD BLESS AFRICA AND GOD BLESS OUR WORLD. I just to remind us that in few days to come; being 17th of October, the World will be: standing up against poverty to celebrate INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR POVERTY ERADICATION. SKILDEV suppose to organize this year progamme in collaboration with United Nation Information Centre(UNIC) Lagos . This was cancelled because of the recent bombing of UN head quarters in Abuja. Let there be peace in our world. My questions, can we eradicate poverty in the world? How many of us are ready to stand up against poverty for ourselves, women and youth? In which ways can we achieve these? WATCH OUT………. May/SKILDEV


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