What most excites you about Web 2.0?

1. The most exciting thing about web2.0 is that it is a platform or forum where I can go to network and share ideas, concepts and issues affecting my life, our organization, women, community and the world generally. I am excited about the fact that I can touch the lives of other women in other parts of the world through social media, new media, social networking and even be a citizen journalist to people.

  1. What solutions you think Web 2.0 brings to the global women's empowerment movement? • Women empowerment movement is crucial and is a necessary tool for the development of our world. Hence it is a platform where problems and solutions of gender inequality, inequity and women’s health can be discussed, re-addressed, solutions attained and awareness created globally. • Through web 2.0, women widen the scope of their literacy and knowledge • Web 2.0 would also give a deep sense of belonging to women, self confidence, a sense of direction, one purpose and one voice when networking • Social networks such as Twitter, Face book, Google map, Hi 5 serves as a tool of socialization, exchange of ideas. Women can speak out while others who are change and police makers can take action in their various communities based on the responses received on the issues affecting women. • Local & International magazines, radio, television programs on women can help disseminate information to women globally and keep them well informed and up to date concerning issues affecting them. How are, or can, these tools be empowering for you?
  2. I am a representative of Skildev foundation. These tools have empowered us by making our organization heard globally; of which one of them is voice of future through World pulse. The foundation uses the tools to disseminate information of our training programmes such as on Television, Radio, news paper, magazines, face book etc. Creating awareness of issues concerning women and youths in our community. Currently, SKILDEV saw the need of training the fellows of the Foundation women, girl and youths to be Computer Literate, to benefit from the uses of web 2.0 to enhance the skills acquired in the Foundation through online training. SKILDEV has organized several Television life skill training and awareness campaign, on living & life skill acquisition e.g. Catering and Fashion design, Batik and Adire, entrepreneur skill etc. Our trainees are taught to use social media such as Twitter, Face book etc as a means of marketing and networking their acquired skills for patronage. SKILDEV also networks with their counterparts globally. Thereby gaining empowerment by web 2.0.


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Indeed it need endurance to impact knowledge, but, it is satisfying when a women becomes skillful the excitement the beaming simile cannot be quantified

Mrs May Okonkwor (Teach a Woman How to Fish) Founder/CEO Skill Development Foundation For Women and Youths (SKILDEV)

As Founder and CEO of a Women's Advocacy Foundation , I can attest to the fact that it has been because of Web 2.0 that we have been able to grow as quickly as we have. In less than one year, we have reached out to almost 1.000,000 people. That would have never been possible before.

The Social Media websites are a key factor in this reality, yes, I agree.

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Mrs May Okonkwor (Teach a Woman How to Fish) Founder/CEO Skill Development Foundation For Women and Youths (SKILDEV)

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