Just The Shock I Didn't Want

Posted June 2, 2009 from Serbia

Please, take a minute to read or scan this article: http://www.katv.com/news/stories/0609/628240.html

Now, first off. Let me state for the record I have no problems with anyone's religious faith. Everyone is to follow a different path. I may not agree, practice, or believe some things, but I am open and respectful for another's faith. However, the extremists of ANY religion unnerve me.

But story is ever closer to home for me....

I graduated with the shooter. I remember sitting beside him at pep rallies, senior class photo, graduation, school dances, etc., etc., etc.

But this.. I would have NEVER expected. He was a troubled kid. Wasn't the brightest, but wasn't the dumbest either. I've talked to a few different friends from high school that have talked to him over the last 6 years since we've graduated. Many say he converted 4 years ago and things seemed to go down him in his life since then. But that comment was made y someone who didn't agree 100% with his choice of converting to Islam.

What goes through someone's mind to act out in such a way? Religious motivation or not...How? Why?

In that link, there are other links listed at the end such as the warrant documents from where the officials searched house and vehicle. Read the vehicle's seized items. Over 2000 roads of LIVE ammunition. He claims not guilty, but admits that if there would have been more soldiers outside, he would have aimed for them all. While I might not agree on some of the killings from either side of the war, I would not just kill some random stranger because they are even vaguely associated. That would be like someone walking into my local Muslim Society building and bombing it simply because they didn't like the color of the clothing worn that day. It's all asinine in my opinion.

I just cannot wrap my mind around this event. This was not the guy I graduated with. This was not the Carlos Bledsoe I knew in 2003.

I'm flabbergasted...

Totally speechless...

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  • Jenna Kellam
    Jun 02, 2009
    Jun 02, 2009

    I just skimmed the article. It is always hard to fathom an unspeakable act. I think we often (or at least I often) attribute it to a defect with the person that committed the crime. Whether the defect is real or not. That "defect" allows me to dismiss the person. "Oh he was unstable. I don't know anyone like that." Although unreasonable and unfair, it is comforting.

    When you know the person and you had never detected a defect in the past, it makes the crime impossible to rationalize which is scary. It hits close to home.

    I hope you are coming to terms with things a little better now.


  • SlavicMuse
    Jun 03, 2009
    Jun 03, 2009

    I will say he wasn't the ivy league clean nosed straight A student in high school. But I never would have thought he would kill out of cold blood. He came from a troubled past, as did most in my high school. I didn't go to the greatest high school in my city, but it offered many things that most schools couldn't at the same time. It evened out.

    I've come to terms with it for the most part. Still can't believe it. Don't want to believe it either. But I'm not that naive and ignorant either.

    Thank you, Jenna. :)

  • LauraB
    Jun 03, 2009
    Jun 03, 2009

    Slavic Muse,

    There you are, trying to make sense of this guy you used to sit and chat with- pep rallies- it's high school, fun, easy, no worries. Now, what do you do with this reality? Coming to terms can take some time. I think it's great you wrote about it here. Making us aware of your feelings as one who knew him and how it's affecting you.

    Thinking of you Laura

  • SlavicMuse
    Jun 03, 2009
    Jun 03, 2009

    Thank you Laura. :)

    I will say, I'm definitely gripping the reality 100% but at least I don't see the headlines and think it is rubbish. Instead, I read them and still think it's crazy but I know that everyone changes and we all make choices..

    Just a big wow.

    ~ Christina