About Me: Determined to kindle in youth--in Nigeria and the world--a hope that lasts.

I love stories. They are the stuff of which life is made, the threads that bind humanity.

I love music. It is the gateway to my soul.

I love people. I discover myself in their dreams, hopes, laughter, and tears. People give meaning to life.

I love laughter. It cleanses, heals, and liberates.

I love to dream. If you can dream, you can hope; if you can hope, you're alive!

Because I'm alive, I have a duty to perpetuate hope, to make sure others can dream.

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Love this and believe in you my prayer is that God backs you up.

Welcome my dear and well done.

This is Worldpulse, our online family house, please feel free to post to your journal and be yourself. Share, connect, and collaborate, this is a safe community. Welcome once again.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

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