Dear Carol,

It’s such a joy to meet you!

I believe it was never intended that anyone should traverse life’s journey alone. Along the way, we need friends with whom to share experiences, trade heartaches, and persevere; mentees into whose lives to pour the overflow of our joys, our dreams, the best of ourselves, and the lessons we’ve learned; seasoned travelers to show us the guideposts and emulate the strength and courage it takes to make the most of the journey.

My journey began twenty-seven years ago when my mother, at the risk of her own life and to the displeasure of her community, chose to carry me to term. I learned the joy of giving from an early age. The insecurity, limited resources, and political instability of my country were the unlikely incubator for my dream of making a difference.

You and World Pulse come to me at a crucial moment in my journey. I am unfurling into a season of giving, giving with purpose, and I must learn to harness every resource at my disposal.

Thank you for your availability to come alongside a fellow sojourner to be a voice in my ear and an advocate for my voice; a friend, a sister, and a cheerer-on.

I am excited to know you better and grow through this experience as a Voices of Our Future Correspondent.

I pray we find at the end of our lives’ journeys that we have traveled well and we have come Home!

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You were born to make a difference, t show that what everyone believe or accept is not necessarily the truth or the right way... Your mother stated making the difference and you can't help but follow because you in her was the begining of a new and long Journey! Congrats!

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

Thank you, Harmony.

Each of us is part of a much larger story and person's journey is simply one thread in that story, connected to many threads. I wish you the best on your journey and I am glad to be your friend along the way :)