Dear Friends, I have not abandoned you! I apologise for my long period of silence. In the time since I last wrote, I have had to make some major and hurried decisions, but all for the best. I will have to give you the brief version of my update because I am currently battling flu-like symptoms.

After much consideration, prayer, and the advice of my family, I recently accepted a scholarship offer from a university in the United States to participate in an Advanced Certificate Program. The program will provide foundational courses I need to pursue doctoral research in the near future and also equip me with the knowledge and skills for leading in the nonprofit world. In the space of two weeks, I purchased a ticket, delegated projects I was working on at home, packed up my belongings, and found myself en route to the U.S.!

In the couple of weeks since I arrived, I have been caught up in the madness of registration, securing accommodation and transportation, and adjusting to a new routine. I am glad to say that apart from this ill-timed flu, all is well! I am finally feeling settled and at ease.

I owe you another apology for being so late with my assignment for Module 2. It has been a bit of a challenge rescheduling my time to accommodate my new responsibilities (in addition to taking a full load of classes, I am also teaching a class for tuition remission!) I have read drafts posted by most of you and I am so proud to see your excellent work and to read your passionate pleas for your communities. May I assure you that I am glad to call you sisters and I am cheering you on!

Love, SLaw

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Hi Slaw,

We all really miss you. Congratulations for being offered a scholarship from a University in the United States! I am waiting forward to read your assignment, wish you all the best for the life on new land - take care:)

Love, Sarvina

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Like Sarvina, we have really missed you. Each time I receive an email alert from pulse wire group, I quickly check the name with great expectation to read your post. If I had you mobile number, I would have called to know how you are doing and the challenges ahead. I am very glad for you on your scholarship program.

Congratulation, you are already there. may God give you the grace to meet up with all you have planned for the year.

All the best.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

Weehhhhh, sister SLaw, a big big congratulations! We missed you, yes ... and never mind the delay, all is well that ends well! Carry on with faith and conviction, sister, we are always here for you, marching onward in one strong, clear and loud voice! All the best...

Always, Emie Zozobrado

Dear Slaw,

Welcom back sister! with our two hands we pulse sisters we are happy to see you gal.The journey is still here and we are still far from completing,come and enjoy with us.Keep raising your voice too.Let your light shine. A schoolarship offer, wow what a blessing!I wish you a successful trip.God bless you Slaw!

Wish you all the best and cheers!


"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

We really missed you here. You ook important stes and I know the next generation will benefit from you. I wish you the very best with this new experience and waiting to read your module 2 assignment!


Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

Dear sister SLaw,

Congratulations! I am very glad to hear about a wonderful chapter of your life. There is no doubt that you would acquire knowledge and skills from your scholarship program which absolutely deserves your ability and your community can benefit from you later in the future.

We miss you and here is our encouragement for you to complete your assignment. Don't be worried so much and just keep going. We are with you and waiting to read your post.

Take care your health! Get well soon!!

With Love, Insha Allah

Shwe Wutt Hmon

A Big big CONGRATULATIONS to you dearest SLAW ... we really really MISSED YOU and you can see it from the capital letters. But you were not just away you accomplished something very important and we are happy for you dear. Keep it up the good work.

With affection, RA

Welcome Back SLaw and congratulations on the scholarship and the move. I hope that all goes well adjusting to the new culture, city and school.

Kind regards,


"Tell me then, what will you do with your one wild, sweet, and precious life?" -Mary Oliver

I am so happy for you!!! I'd welcome you back but you are forever my VOF sister, so it's good to read from you. I hope we can connect especially if you are close to my digs. Wishes for full recovery and strength especially as you adjust. I hope you are in a sunny state! Hugz :-)

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