About Me: In the past 8 years I have dedicated my time and finances to educating myself and working in as many forums of senior health care as time allowed. I purposefully put aside my career goals and any chance of developing a 401k, to work in short term and long term care centers, home health, and for profit and non profit centers.I executed adult day care in my home and even lived in the home of an Alzheimer's patient to experience first hand the effects of how care choices effect families and patients. My main goal is to raise quality of life for seniors in health care centers and home health care situations. To raise the quality of life for individuals in senior health care situations in the United States, regulation laws need to be changed. I have developed ideas that I would like to implement into existing programs to enhance the quality of life for individuals who are now victims of a system that is unable to enhance quality of life during daily operations due to outdated laws and the lack of empathy and funds. I want to present a bill to congress to change particular laws pertaining to activities in senior lives. I also want to present a solution to questions presented by the Comity on Aging, developed by congress in 2013.

My Passions: To enhance the quality of life in long term and short term care

My Challenges: Find a way to write and present a bill to congress

My Vision for the Future: Quality of life would be the main focus in long term and short term care for seniors.

My Areas of Expertise: Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

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Welcome to you and your compassionate spirit.

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